14 Times Dogs Thought They Were Humans

Whether it’s sitting in front of your computer or wearing your favorite shirt, dogs love to imitate their favorite humans.
By Ciera Velarde
February 18, 2021

Logically, we know that dogs are animals, but sometimes, your dog will either look at you with a knowing glance or do something so human-like that you can't help but wonder: "Is there actually a person trapped in that furry four-legged body?!"

Whether it's sitting in front of your computer or wearing your favorite shirt, dogs love to imitate their favorite humans, and since imitation is the highest form of flattery, you should be honored your pup is trying to look and act just like you! These 14 dogs are acting so much like humans, we're convinced they might have actually been one in a former life!


Credit: Jaclene Santone

"Get in losers. We're going shopping," says Stella the bulldog as she jumped into the driver's seat before her owners could get to the car. She got so excited to take the wheel that she sneezed all over herself. What a boogery but adorable face!


Credit: Morgan Leftwich

Dogs always have the worst poker face, as evidenced by Daisy, who took over her owner's spot in an online college class and could not mask her confusion or boredom. She's probably wondering, "She ignores me all day by sitting in front of her computer for THIS?!"


Credit: Derek Robinson

Even though Lily the golden retriever has a very comfortable dog bed of her own, she always sees her humans sitting on this porch swing, and she jumped up there to see what all the fuss was about. Are we sure that swing is for people because it looks like it was made for Lily?!


Credit: Molly Mittler

Jackie never begs ... unless her owners have a glass of wine in their hand. Of course, dogs should never have alcohol, so to satiate her desires, Jackie's owners gave her a squeaky toy shaped like a wine bottle instead. Her reaction? She threw it on the ground, looked up at them, and gave them a face that said, "What the heck am I supposed to do with this?!"


Credit: Alesha Morrow

Dog or Jedi? It's so hard to tell! When Chop's owners weren't looking, he stole their favorite sweatshirt, put it on himself, and jumped right up on a chair to relax. We've never seen a dog look so comfy!


Credit: Jessica Palmer

Vroom, vroom! We think Punky's arms and legs might be a little too short to operate this motorcycle, but that won't stop him from trying. Oh how he wishes he could live life on the open road, wind whipping through his fur and not a care in the world!


Credit: Nikki Bankert

Instead of cuddling with toys, Diesel likes to steal cans of his owner's soda and fall asleep with them. He can't figure out how to open and hold the cans like he sees humans do. Hate to break it to you, Diesel, but we think you need opposable thumbs to do that.


Credit: Linda Ross

"What?! I was just going to add some things to your shopping list!" Whenever Fenway's mom breaks out her notebook, she knows the humans are about to head to the grocery store, so she's making sure her needs and wants are heard. If only she could figure out how to spell "treats" and "cheese."


Credit: Kellie Bacani

When Lilly's owner flipped on the light and saw that her dog had turned bright red, she nearly had a heart attack! Turns out Lilly broke into her owner's purse in the middle of the night and helped herself to some lipstick. We think that shade of red really brings out your eyes, Lilly!


Credit: Deborah Hrabinski

Zoey is always intently watching her owners, so when her mom was bringing some groceries into the house, Zoey thought she'd give a helping paw and try to carry in a bag herself. We have to admit: We're impressed she figured out she could use her neck to carry the grocery bag. Way to be innovative, Zoey!


Credit: Afsoon Ansari

"I'm not invited to brunch? How rude!" says Moose, who decided to join his owners at the breakfast table one morning. Sorry, Moose: French toast and mimosas are not dog food, even for French bulldogs! But did you know dogs can eat carrots and strawberries? Check out our full list of dog-safe human food.


Credit: Emily Nickerson

Diesel's got a bad case of the Mondays! He was not excited for his human to get up and start getting ready for work, so he plopped himself down and refused to move even when his owner tried to make the bed.


Credit: Cindy Collins

Max the border collie was supposed to be helping his owner move the herd during a day on the farm, but instead he wanted to take a spin on the ATV. Looks like there's a new boss in town, and he loves to bark orders!


Credit: Roxanne Pol

Imagine walking down the street and seeing this Newfie staring at you and standing like this! Jagger loves to monitor the neighborhood and stand at attention on his front porch on just his hind legs. Full-grown Newfoundlands often weigh over 100 pounds, so it's very common to see a Newfie that's as big—if not bigger—than their humans!