These handsome dogs know how to steal our hearts—and look good while doing so!
pictures of german shepherds
Credit: Courtesy of krutthegsd / Instagram

There's truly no surprise why German shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in America. Their calm, confident demeanor paired with their recognizable looks makes them wonderful family pets and undeniably cool sidekicks. One even lives in The White House, so you know they're a big deal.

Whether you're celebrating National German Shepherd Day (May 10) or just need a pick-me-up with some smiling pups, you've come to the right place!

Luna the Longhaired German Shepherd

Luna's long mane looks absolutely stunning against the rocks. Plus, with a smile like that, this pup can steal anyone's heart.

Riley Wearing Her Reading Glasses

Let's be honest, this is all of our work from home goals. Who doesn't want to be lounging by the pool with a cup of coffee and getting some online shopping, er, work done?

Buffy the Black German Shepherd

Black German shepherds definitely stand out from the pack, and Buffy is no exception. Just look at her stunning black coat (and long tongue!) glistening in the golden hour.

Duke Enjoying a Pupsicle

This German shepherd knows how to do summer right with a delicious homemade dog popsicle. Save some for us!

Krut the Adventure Doggo

What's more relaxing than hiking with your dog next to a beautiful waterfall? Krut's Instagram page is full of gorgeous pictures of his mountain adventures that have us itching for a weekend camping trip.

Cliff's Boop-able Nose

Now this is a snoot we need to boop! Cliff's Instagram always shows the smiling pup on tons of outdoor adventures. No wonder he's one of the happiest German shepherds we've ever seen!

Koa's Beach Day 

This has everything you need in a cute German shepherd picture: a gorgeous background, floppy ears, and an adorably fluffy puppy with her tongue out. What more can you ask for?

Eva and Her Fur Pile

Pet parents know this scene all too well. After only a few short minutes of brushing, it's like you have enough fur for a whole new dog! German shepherds have thick, double layered coats that are prone to shedding, so it's even more important for their owners to keep a regular grooming routine. You may just need to book an afternoon for the task.

Sebastian the Birthday Boy

Time to light the candles! Sebastian's first birthday bash included a matching bandana, banner, and birthday hat, as well as some adorable custom cookies. All he needs left for his big day is a dog-approved birthday cake.

Flash's Floppy Ears

German shepherds are known for their signature perked-up ears. But in their first few months, German shepherd puppies sport floppy ears until around the time they finish teething. So German shepherd puppy owners: take all the photos with those adorable floppy ears while you still can!

Odin the K-9 Officer

While most K-9 or search-and-rescue dogs appear to be German Shepherds, many are actually Belgian Malinois (who would've thought?!). But Odin here is clearly proud to be a German shepherd K-9. And based on his Instagram posts, this good boy gets the job done right.

A Gorgeous Pack of German Shepherds

The only thing better than one German shepherd is four German shepherds! These good boys are clearly enjoying their day outside at the park and we couldn't be happier for them.

Ace the German Shepherd Service Dog

German shepherds are incredibly smart, making them wonderful service animals! When your job includes going to Disney, how could you not look as happy as this guy?

Apollo Soaking up the Sun

Apollo might be the coolest dog we've ever seen. From the effortlessly stylish sunglasses all the way down to his customized shoes, we know this good boy is living his best life.