Seriously. One look at these dogs in their Santa hats and you won’t be able to resist the Christmas magic.
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In our family, we each have a designated Santa hat that's ours—and of course, so do the dogs. There's a cheetah-print hat for the black poodle, and a silver sequined cap for the fawn-colored Chihuahua (very on brand). Including your pets in the holidays makes them that much more exciting. Between the seasonal activities and the festive outfits, there's a never-ending list of fun to be had with your four-legged friend. And they'll be even more prepared when they're wearing a doggie Santa hat.

dog wearing a santa hat with two boys
Credit: Olga Efimova / EyeEm / Getty

Read on to see some of our favorite festive photos of pups doing their best Santa impression. Ho, ho, ho!


Is there anything more perfect than a golden retriever wearing a Santa hat? We don't think it's possible. Just look at those big brown eyes. *melts*


We're obsessing just a little bit over Oakley the dachshund's teeny tiny Santa hat. OK, maybe we are full-blown obsessed. And we are fine to admit that. Just look how small!


Tinkerbell Star the French bulldog must be worn out from sniffing around those doggie Christmas presents all day. And don't even get us started on begging for belly rubs—it's hard, tiring work.


Green is totally Arya's color. Well, any color would look fabulous on this collie, really. But we're loving the elf green of Arya's Santa hat for the howl-idays.

Woody & Teddy

These precious Poms look camera-ready in their small Santa dog hats. Wearing their caps off to one side is trés chic—and if we were to trust any dog breed for style advice, it'd be a Pomeranian.


"Merry Christmas, ya floofy animal." Sadie the mini goldendoodle sure looks festive posing in the Canadian snow with her Santa hat and snowflake bandana. 


Murphy the cocker spaniel is crossing her paws that Santa will bring her more treats for Christmas. In a Santa hat like that, she deserves all the holiday goodies.


Is the hat oversized, or is this a pint-sized shiba pup? We'll guess that it's both. Bailey looks pretty small next to her plate of cookies and milk that she set out especially for Santa Paws.


"The things I do for treats..." Jagger certainly looks like a good boy posing under the tree with his Santa hat and string lights aglow. With a perfect pose like that, we think his name will be on the Nice List for certain.

Ruby & Jasper

If you look closely, their matching shirts say "Ruby Claus" and "Jasper Claus." Step aside Santa, there's a new pup in town! Fingers crossed that these cavapoos deliver our presents on Christmas Eve.


Lucky for Maya the Staffordshire bull terrier, even the dogs who lick their own noses get a spot on the Nice List. This precious pose makes her look even cuter in that Santa hat.


We've got a feeling that Nova's favorite color is neither red nor green … Any guesses? Thank goodness those fluffy Samoyed's snow-white coats go with every outfit, no matter the color. (We'll admit we're partial to the pink.)

Mint, Chocolate, & Chip

Italian greyhound siblings Mint, Chocolate, and Chip (adorable) each got their own doggie ornaments on the Christmas tree this year. The trinkets match perfectly with their dog Santa hats IRL. Can you guess whose name is whose?

Sir Meatloaf

Last but certainly not least, Sir Meatloaf deserves an honorable mention for his name alone. What better way to celebrate "Corgmas" than with a Santa hat on a corgi bum? It's fitting.

Now that you're definitely in the festive spirit, check out these holiday safety tips to ensure your pets have a happy, healthy season.