Is there anything sillier (or cuter) than a cat sticking their tongue out at you?!
dog sticking his tongue out laying on a bed of purple flowers
Credit: Mario Forcherio / EyeEm / Getty

We love everything our pets do (well, almost everything) from the little tap of their paws, to the soft feeling of their fur, to their adorable little silly faces. We find ourselves smiling at all their little cute quirks. But what may keep us smiling (and laughing!) the most are those funny little blep faces they make with their tongues out. They may do it when they're feeling playful, or confused, or hungry, or hot ... but one thing's for certain. We can't get enough!

So yeah, we decided to share our love of pets with their tongue out with the rest of our crazy pet parents. You're welcome in advance for the chuckles!

Sandy Snoots

Hang loose dude! @Jockodacorgi is living out our summer vacay dreams, complete with a little bit of cute sand on his snoot. If you want to hit the beach with you pup this summer, make sure you research some dog-friendly beaches before your trip.

Sealed With a Kiss

I'm not crying, you are! These two peas in a pod are just perfect for each other. Who doesn't love slobbery bulldog kisses?

Hey There, Blue Eyes

As if @misterbobbles couldn't get any cuter, add in an umbrella bandana and gosh darn it—this may be one of the most adorable kitties we've ever laid eyes on.

Say Cheese

Convinced that @withloveindie should be America's Next Top Dog Model with that gorgeous face! Hello eye contact, hello silly tongue!

Adventure Time

Adventure kitty @Nini._.meow is taking over the world, one mountain at a time. But of course, she's also keeping it cute and grooming herself for the best action pics during her hike!

Cuddle Monster is just feeling a little silly today. Here's what happens when you go to cuddle with your dog and they just let it all hang loose! Looking for a new cuddle buddy? These are the most affectionate dog breeds who can't wait to be in your arms.

Sun's Out, Tongue's Out

@Chewie_the_chewbaccaa is looking like the coolest mermaid ever rocking his Rex Specs.

A Little Snoozeroo

Mondays are ruff—amirite? You know you're hitting that good REM sleep when your tongue pops out like that. @Tongueouttoby move over, we're coming in for a cuddle!


If cats could talk, we could imagine Sisi is yelling at her mom to bring her some more treats. As a kitty queen deserves.

Summer Walks

There's nothing better than summer vacation in a new city … actually wait, there is something better. Summer vacation in a new city with a goldendoodle.

Bunny Sidekick

As if a floofy German shepherd sticking out his tongue didn't already make our day … but add an adorable little gray bunny to the picture and sheesh is our whole week made!

All About That Floof

It's giving Jabba the Hutt vibes, but in a totally delightful and sassy way. Nothing we love more than a little cat floof to cuddle up with.

Surf's Up

A sphynx on a surfboard?! Now that's not something you see everyday. Just as impressive as this min pin who is a surfing gold medalist!

Beach Vibes

They say a pitty smile a day keeps the sad vibes away. And @Bella.bluestaffy_ sure got us smiling hard with this one!

Hiking Buddies

I normally hate doing physical activity, but @archiethegoldenboyy is making hiking look so awesome right now. Those golden locks and that beautiful greenery—what a view!

Silly Face

When you're taking a pic and the photographer yells "Now do a silly face!" Yeah, @Boyce_brotherz totally has that face NAILED.