The Best Pet Halloween Costumes On the Internet

Boston Terrier in frog costume
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These decked-out dogs and cats are the epitome of Halloween. Take a look at these fur babies and their adorable costumes and let the fun of our favorite holiday bring giggles all year round.

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Mini Cavapoo Turned Ninja Turtle

Who doesn't love a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle throwback photo opportunity? Our friend @kingsleythecavapoo payed homage to everyone's favorite pizza-loving turtle, Donatello. The only way this outfit could have been any better is if Kingsley had wrangled his other furry friends into dressing like the rest of the TMNT crew. Not to worry—it's never too early to start planning for next year's Halloween costume with your other puppy pals!

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Batman or Catman: Who Wore It Better?

If you'd ever wondered how Batman could fight crime in so many places at once, looks like we finally have our answer in the form of double trouble. The kitty cuties from @sargeantchandler are ready to pounce on any threat to Gotham City, and we have never felt safer.

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I'll Have a Grande Pumpkin Spiced Lab-te, Please

Taking the classic costume one paw farther than other pet pumpkins we've seen, Marv the fox red Lab is the most adorable jack-o-lantern in Chicago. Even better? That paw-fectly matched pumpkin spice fur means he's decked out in fall colors all season long.

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Got Paw-blems? Let's Tacobout It

If a teddy bear walked into a Mexican restaurant, he'd be @lifeasarchie dressed up for Halloween. The only way this puppy dressed as a taco could be any better is if the guacamole on the side is complementary.

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So Cute It's Scary

Dracula reincarnate, this vampire cat is not messing around with those fangs! Between the red cape and the icy stare, this kitty is the perfect Halloween companion.

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Who You Callin' Small Fry?

These adorable French bulldogs dressed up as their favorite food, which is obviously French fries. Or frites, for the truly committed Francophiles. We just know the pups from @titanandlola are almost cute enough to eat.

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Fishing for Likes

Like all of us trying to get through this year in one piece, Miss Sammy has a mantra she repeats to herself when the going gets ruff: Just keep swimming. Inspired by her favorite character from Finding Nemo, this little Pomeranian made the most of a Halloween spent indoors. We heard she even had multiple outfit changes to keep the celebratory spirit alive!

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Accio, Treats!

dog dressed up as Harry Potter
Mallory Tujetsch

Calling all fans of the Wizarding World, there's a new headmaster of Hogwarts. Meet Hairy Paw-ter, a golden retriever with a sense of smell that could sniff out any student hiding in the hallways....even an Invisibility Cloak can't slow him down! Find this cutie on Instagram as @thegoodboyfinley—he's no stranger to a great costume, Halloween or no.

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Collector's Edition

If this little fluff of scruff is available on eBay, we'll cash in our life savings to add this to our collection of Beanie Babies. Honestly, @yannthebernedoodle is cute enough on his own to turn heads anywhere. But that iconic Ty heart tag costume inspired by our favorite trend of the 90s is a DIY-challenged pet parent's dream, and we can't wait to try it out next year for ourselves.

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When That Halloween Candy Hangover Hits


Listen, dressing up and eating tons of sugary sweets is fun until it isn't. The toothache, the sugar crash, and the inevitable exhaustion after all the trick or treaters finally leave means some of us—most of all this pug who is cleverly disguised as a bunny—are over it. Time to put away the pumpkins and get ready for Turkey Day!

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