These pictures are so cute you’ll forget all about that wet dog smell.
dog in wading pool with kids
Credit: Kevin Kozicki / Getty

Summertime brings some of life's simplest pleasures: a day at the beach, a dunk in the pool, a double-dipped ice cream cone. Turns out, these are some of our furry friends' favorite pastimes too. I mean, who doesn't love lazing in a sunny spot while the world passes by?

Whether you're headed for the coast or chilling in your backyard, you'll want some good company this summer. And there's no better companion than man's best friend. These 13 Instagram posts of dogs enjoying summer are so adorable that you won't even worry about that wet dog smell. 

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and these pups are ready to play. 

Beach Boys

Surf's up for this pooch posse. What's better than catching waves with your best buds?

Trouble in Paradise

Uh oh! Being a golden doesn't mean you're always a ray of sunshine. But it does mean you're cute even when you're grumpy.

Pampered Pooch

This adorable Frenchie is taking some time off from making scooter videos to chillax in the pool. Midgie looks like a total #influencer in her ruffly swimsuit.

All Paws on Deck

No fires spotted out here on the open seas. Even puppy heroes need a vacation sometimes!

Tight Squeeze

"Look Mom, I fit!" You're never too big to play in the kiddy pool, especially with that sweet face.

Doggy Swim School

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Okay, Prince probably isn't that old, but we're proud of him regardless.  


Nothing says summertime like a nice cold popsicle. We can only assume Jackson loved every chilly bite.

Beat the Heat

The summer sun is no joke when you're covered in fur. Little Dixxon may look shy, but we bet he'll be back in the pool in no time. 

A Puppy Prepared

What could be cuter than oversize goggles on a miniature-size weenie? Absolutely nothing. 

Shark Week Ooh-Ahh-Ahh

These mini doxies are a lot less intimidating than their bandanas might imply. 

Lazy Pool Day

Edward the Frenchie might sparkle in the sun—where he should be wearing doggie sunscreen. Good thing he's dodging rays in the shade.

Beachy Boop

Peek-a-boop! Goldendoodle Lincoln is clearly loving his day on the waves. 

Hot Dog Summer

Check out the buns on this Corgi! His name may be Tofu, but his costume is anything but.