dog laying on back with silly face

13 Dogs with BIG Personalities

These pups have no issue showing off their attitude!

Just like humans, every dog has their own distinct personality, and they absolutely love showing it off to their owners. Whether they're being feisty, goofy, or annoyed, dogs use their faces and body language to communicate with their humans exactly how they're feeling. And every so often, you'll catch your dog doing something so expressive, you can't help but laugh at all that boisterous character bursting out of that little furry body. These 14 Daily Paws readers were able to capture the exact moment their pups were showing off their unique personalities, and their faces say it all!


dog with silly hat
Credit: Tarly Shupe

Maynard loves rummaging through toy bins, and one day, he found this lovely hat and insisted his owners put it on him. When they pulled out the camera, Maynard instantly put on his "serious" face to model his new look. "He thinks he's stunning," his owner shared with us.


dog with tongue out
Credit: Elvia Murillo

Virginia might be for lovers, and usually Tucker is all about affection, but when this picture was taken, Tucker was sick and tired of the long road trip he'd been on and decided to stick out his tongue to let everyone know how much he's over it. So much for a cute picture!


fluffy white dog
Credit: Ofie Driver

Dog or Angry Bird? Whenever Marley gets annoyed, she scrunches up her face and gives an unmistakable scowl that very closely resembles the animated birds from the hit game. When she's not in Angry Birds mode, Marley is all about kisses and snuggles.


dog with bandana
Credit: Jenny Thomas

Dogs sure do love sticking their tongue out to communicate their thoughts! Molly does not like to stand for very long, and she sticks out her tongue when she's had enough. She's clearly a smart pup who has her priorities straight—plenty of rest time!


dog with leash in his mouth
Credit: Elizabeth Martinez

Most dogs get so excited to go on walks, but on this day, Frances very much did NOT want to leave the house, so she expressed her feelings by throwing a fit and stealing the leash from her owners. Resourceful!


dog wearing towel
Credit: Katey Nelson

Kinley the Australian Cattle Dog is giving her owners some serious side-eye after a highly dreaded bath time. We can't help but think she looks like Yoda in this picture with the sideways pointed ears! "Plotting revenge against the humans I am," says Kinley, probably.  


dog laying on back with silly face
Credit: Shannon Wiltsey

"Hello there! How are you?! Want to be my best friend?!" Brono is the friendliest of pups, and when he gets extra happy, he rolls around with a big smile on his face. We think he could brighten up anyone's day!


holding upside-down dog
Credit: Maggie Creekmore

Emmie loves going on runs with her humans, but on this hot day, they were only halfway done with the run when Emmie refused to go any farther. She sat down on the trail and refused to move, so her owner had to carry her all the way home. That look on Emmie's face screams, "Sweet victory!"


black dog in car with harness and tongue sticking out
Credit: Erika Brattstrom

Bode is a very curious puppy, so his owners will often find him sticking out his tongue, trying to figure out what the heck that wet slimy thing in his mouth is. Here's hoping he never grows out of this adorably inquisitive phase!


dog with curly ribbons on his head
Credit: Kelli Davis

Max can't stand when he's not the center of attention, so when it was his human's birthday, he decided to join in on the celebrations by "wearing" one of the balloon bunches as his party hat. How inventive, Max!


small dog sitting on the arm of a couch
Credit: Kimberly Cuccia

According to his humans, Twiggy is a very feisty Chihuahua—he loves you one second and gets angry at you the next. On this occasion, he was letting everyone know that the arm rest was his and no one else could touch it. We love the small but fierce attitude!


white dog with crooked smile
Credit: Debbie Goodman

"Huh, you want me to do what?!" Zoe always makes the most expressive faces when people talk to her, and whenever they ask her to pick up her toys, she always gives them this confused, exasperated face. We feel you, Zoe—we don't like cleaning up either!


dog laying on his back with crazy eyes
Credit: Amy Cope

Nova can never just sit still during photo sessions. Instead, she loves showing off her goofiest faces for the camera, and we think this pose is the best one she's got. With those eyes, we think she could be America's Next Top Dog Model!