Shepherd puppy lays down covered in leaves

15 Charming Dogs Who Just Can’t Seem to Follow the Rules

The only rule we think our pups should follow is “be as adorable as possible.”

Every household has their own set of "rules" when it comes to their dogs, such as no sitting on the furniture or going potty in the house. But at the end of the day, all dogs care about (after napping and eating) is having fun, and some rules are meant to be broken anyway! Let's face it: There's nothing more delightful than catching your dog in an etiquette fail and snapping a photo to commemorate the humorous moment. After all, the only "law" we think our pups should follow is "be as adorable as possible," and these 15 dogs are loyal subscribers to that golden rule!


Terrier stands on stair ledge
Constance Walters

For Bentley, gates are just a challenge meant to be conquered, so he devised the very clever plan of carefully crawling on the ledge to see what's happening on the lower level with his humans. We love the ingenuity, Bentley!


Black and white pup explores closed soccer field
Val Maass

It's not Betty's fault she can't read! After a rainy day, all the fields were closed in the park, but that didn't stop the mud-loving pup from leaving the paved path and jumping around in the wet field. Since no one else was around to witness this fail first hand, did it even really happen? We think not!


Adult dog sits and looks at camera, mouth covered in porcupine quills
Amanda Clements

Bella learned the hard way that porcupines don't want to be her friend. Who can blame the friendly canine for trying to give it a kiss? Don't worry, Bella—we'll happily give you all the kisses you want ... well, after your human gets those quills unstuck!


White fluffy dog mounts side of dog bed
Linh Tran

Cali got caught in the act of using her donut bed for more than just sleeping. Even though many dog owners might be embarrassed by their dog's humping, it's actually a super common (and normal) occurrence that you shouldn't be worried about.


Shepherd puppy lays down covered in leaves
Sarah Forron

Macy went for an afternoon swim, and even though she's supposed to head straight home after, she immediately found the closest pile of leaves to take a nap in. It was the end of autumn, so Macy was probably cold and thought the leaves would make for a nice blanket. And she was right!


Black adult dog drinks out of ti
Billiejo Harkleroad

Despite having a perfectly good water bowl at his disposal, George loves drinking out of the toilet bowl instead. He's probably wondering why the humans sit over the toilet. Isn't water meant to be drunk? Why can't humans follow the rules?! UGH!


Black dog buries head in snow
Lisa Stair

Sadie always avoids puddles and muddy spots when she goes outside, but no one said anything about snow! The second she saw the fluffy stuff, she dove face first. We can't imagine it was a particularly warm experience, but it sure does look fun!


Small dog lays on carpet surrounded by torn up dog toys and their fluff
Robin Steiner

"My name is Layla, and I'm a toy destroyer." You'd think this was a meeting of Tough Chewers Anonymous with the look Layla has on her face after chewing through her toy in 10 minutes flat. It's not her fault she's got such strong chompers! Maybe she just needs one of these indestructible toys instead.


Fluffy black and white dog pictured sitting in between two dinosaur stuffed animals
Jill Levandowski

We can't help but laugh at Penny trying to blend in with the kids' stuffed animals and not get caught. Yes, she has plenty of her own toys, but she loves hanging out with these dinosaurs instead. She's probably just trying to make new friends!


Australian shephard puppy sticks head through middle of dog bed
Oscar Reyes

"Oh, this is a bed? Not a collar? Good to know," says Sansa, who decided to chew a hole through the middle of her bed and create a rather bulky fashion statement. Paris Fashion Week 2021, here she comes!


Dog hides under table while immobile squirrel lays in center of floor
Judith Homanich

Grumpy went under the fence, into the neighbor's yard, stole their dead squirrel, and then tried to give it to her human as a gift. Something tells us her owner did NOT keep this present for very long!


Large dog sits on couch and drools
Kiley Keblis

Sampson knows that drooling is frowned upon in his house, but sometimes he just can't help it! He's probably confused by the fact that humans think it's cute when babies drool but find it not so adorable when dogs do it. What gives?!


White dog sits on top of potted dirt
Teresa Blair

Willy is pretty as a flower as he poses for the camera after digging up his mom's pot. He was just trying to give her a helping paw while she gardened, but it got a little out of hand. Looks like it's bath time now!


dog looks up at camera while sitting in front of destroyed house plant
Yanique Payne

Another dog who can't resist digging in pots, Calvin doesn't understand why his human is laughing at him as they take this photo. "This is my art project! Don't you love it?!" he's probably thinking. Thankfully, it looks like the dirt miraculously missed that white furry rug right next to Calvin.


White dog tugs on lease in grass that is marked as No Pets Please
Ashley Robbins

Rosie realizes that her new apartment complex wants dogs to keep off the grass, but this was an emergency! We feel you, Rosie—when you gotta go, you gotta GO!

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