yellow lab laying upside down on a large pillow

14 Dogs Who Aren’t Afraid to Let It All Hang Out

Modesty? Never heard of it.

Because we love our dogs as much as (maybe even more than?) the human members of our family, it's easy to forget that dogs are in fact animals, which means they couldn't care less about modesty. Let's set the scene: You hear your dog snoring in the corner, you look over, and they're passed out belly up, private parts very much out for everyone to see. Or they jump up on the couch, forget how to properly sit, and end up showing off way more of themselves than you'd ever want to see up close. As improper as these tendencies can be, they sure do make for some much-needed comedic relief.

These 14 photos sent in by Daily Paws readers feature pups who had no qualms flashing their humans, and we applaud how comfortable they are with their bodies!


puppy on floor
Credit: Vanessa Kinley

Trooper's humans love taking milestone pictures to document their puppy's growth, but during his 12-week photo, Trooper would just NOT sit pretty for the camera! He's only been alive for three months—he's still learning!


lab sitting up on sofa
Credit: Kathleen Schmal

Guinness doesn't understand why everyone is laughing at him … he's just imitating how his owners sit on the couch! You're forgetting one small detail though, Guinness—you don't have any pants on. We love the confidence though!


dog on leather chair
Credit: Bobbie Rasmussen

Zuri's owners had a client coming over to their house for the day, and when the new visitor walked in, this is how Zuri greeted her! This is clearly Zuri's world, and we're all just living in it.


dog upside down on sofa
Credit: Anne Miller

Strike a pose! No, a different pose! Roxie loves showing off for the camera, but on this day, she got all turned around and ended up mooning her owners instead. Silly Roxie—you're supposed to point your face to the camera, not your back end!


german shepherd laying on his back in the middle of the road
Credit: Becca Bange

Zora loves going out for walks, but when she's had enough, she's had enough. When she's too exhausted to go any further, she flops over and demands a good belly rub for all of her hard-earned efforts, not worrying about who she's flashing in the process. (And by the way, Zora, maybe don't do that in the middle of the road!)


dog laying on his back in a plaid dog bed
Credit: Sandra Henderson

Dogs usually have two sleeping modes: snuggled up in a little ball or sprawled with their belly up, not caring at all if they're exposing themselves. Nala is clearly a fan of the latter position, and the owners couldn't help but snap a picture of the hilarious pose.


white dog laying on his back on a large tweed pillow
Credit: Morgan Howard

Lou's owners compare him to a turtle—once he rolls onto his back, it's very difficult for him to get back up. Whenever guests come over, he always goes belly up in the hopes of getting tummy rubs or a treat. But every time, his humans have to physically pick him up to get him upright and in a more modest position.


dog laying on recliner
Credit: Elizabeth Darrow

"How do I get out of this position?!" We can't stop laughing at Duke's concerned face when he couldn't figure out how to properly sit in this lounge chair. No matter how hard he tries, he always ends up face down, tail up!


family Christmas photo with black dog
Credit: Elaine Canell

Niko's family was just trying to get a nice Christmas photo, but they ended up showing off much more of Niko than they intended to! Everyone has at least one awkward family photo, and this one sure does qualify!


tan dog laying on his back in a black leather chair
Credit: Joanne Lighton

"You know I'm not going to close my legs until you give me a belly rub!" Xena always gives her owners that knowing face when she needs a good scratch—and how can you resist her?!


black dog laying spread out on a tweed couch
Credit: Brittany Esparza

When JoJo's owners first brought her home, she was incredibly shy. But after a few weeks, she would start sneaking up on the couch to relax, and now she doesn't even hesitate before taking over the entire couch, letting it all hang out, and smirking once she's gotten her way. How times have changed!


dog laying sideways on a beige couch with a blue blanket
Credit: Chris Huskes

We can't imagine this is a very comfortable way to fall asleep, but Bruiser's owners insist this is the only position he's able to snooze in. The breeze must be nice down there!


black dog sitting up on a sofa
Credit: Marion Rinkel

"What are you looking at?!" This is Thor's favorite position for watching TV with the humans, and he sure isn't bashful with how much of his undercarriage he's showing off. He's just trying to binge-watch his favorite show in comfort!


yellow lab laying upside down on a large pillow
Credit: Shelly Sechrist

Gator's favorite way to sleep is on his back, spread eagle, but sometimes he gets so into his dreams, he ends up in some uncomfortable positions. This was snapped right when he first woke up from his nap. "How did I end up like this?!" Gator's probably thinking.