white dog chasing snowflakes

These 15 Dogs Playing in the Snow for the First Time Will Warm Your Frozen Heart

So many pups are experiencing snow for the first time—and you have to see the adorable photos!

In case you missed it, the Southern part of the U.S., especially Texas, is currently experiencing record low temperatures—we're talking wind chills in the negatives! But this burst of cold weather has also brought with it lots of snow, and these Southern dogs—many of whom have never even seen snow before—are absolutely loving it! They're donning their best doggie sweaters and winter boots and heading out to prance, bounce, and jump around in all the white stuff. 

It's one of few bright spots in a tough time made even worse with power outages and dangerously low temps. To offer a much-needed distraction from the cold while we're all huddled inside, we hope these photos of 15 dogs who are paws-itively thriving while playing in the snow bring a smile to your face.


Olive, a three-month-old sheepadoodle, is seeing snow for the first time, which means her outdoor playtime just got a lot more exciting! Good thing she has those black ears—otherwise she'd blend right into the snow!


"Mom! What the heck is this cold stuff on my paws?!" Fletcher the mini labradoodle's owner thought he would love playing in the snow, but it took him a while to get used to the unusually frozen sensation of the ground. But after a few minutes, he was diving head first into snow piles!


Hey buddy—you got something on your nose! A chilly nose is no bother to Rudy, who is soaking up every minute of his first snowfall. From the second he steps his little paw outside, he starts running circles around the backyard, kicking up as much snow as possible as he goes.


The dog park is looking much different these days! @FatboyWinston had it all to himself this snowy morning, and if you look carefully, he has some snow stuck on his mouth. Hope it was as tasty as it was cold!


Leon the Samoyed looks right at home in this snowstorm! When the power went out, Leon's humans took him out to frolic in the snow, and he had the time of his life chomping at snowballs. Samoyeds are native to Siberia, so clearly his natural instincts are kicking in with this winter weather!


"Did somebody say Snow Day?!" Floyd the Old English sheepdog could barely contain his excitement when he saw his humans getting on their winter gear to take him outside, so he practically sprinted out the front door, even with all that fur in his eyes. He knows these precious days don't come around that often!


Winston the golden retriever's confused face is absolutely priceless. We're right there with you, buddy—it's not every day you see a cactus surrounded by snow! This pup is from Austin, where residents almost never get snow, so he's enjoying all the fresh powder before it inevitably melts!


It's like Christmas morning for this German shepherd from Garland, Texas! One look outside at all the snow and he was so antsy to go outside. Looks like he wasted no time getting his snout all up in a snow pile!


Kiba looks straight-up majestic moving through the snow with her bright white coat. Huskies naturally love cold weather, so we can bet she feels right in her element with all that snow under her paws.


The latest winter accessory: a snow beard! This adorable goldendoodle had *snow* much fun playing outside, but after a few minutes in the freezing temperatures, he headed back inside to sit by the fireplace, which he stayed next to practically all day.


Look at those striking blue eyes! Our pal @finnleytheaussiee thinks he can get used to this snow pup life. He's got that adorable coat on, so he's ready for whatever this winter storm can throw at him!


Wait—don't bears hibernate in the winter? Millie the Newfoundland might look like a black bear who lives up in the mountains, but she's actually just a Texas puppy who loves how the cold snow feels on her belly!


How can you resist Chapo's cute little smile?! All he had to do was look up at his owners with that toothy grin, and he had convinced them to go play outside with him. He didn't mind that it was 10 degrees out—he's just excited for all that fluffy snow to run through!


Do you want to build a snowman? Teddy loves that the snowman's scarf matches his sweater. Although Teddy enjoyed his snow day, he loved snuggling in bed with his humans for warmth just as much!


Golden retriever @jollyjazzreddy's humans were prepared for this snowstorm! They bought winter booties on the off-chance Jasmine might need them, and lo and behold, she needed them in a major way! If you're looking to invest in some winter booties for your own dog, check out this round-up of our favorites.