Sometimes dogs live better lives than we do. And you know what? We're okay with that.
woman and french bulldog on spring break at the beach
Credit: Katrin Donig / EyeEm / Getty

Spring break season has arrived! And whatever you're planning on doing, these dogs probably have you beat. Beaches, pool parties, hikes, and more—we're seriously wishing we could close our laptops and come along. But hey, we all know that whether it's on a beach in Venice or on your living room couch, spring break is always best spent with your four-legged-friend by your side.


Sun, sand, sea, the crossed paws ... Gus the Great Pyrenees is truly thriving on vacation. We only wish to be that unbothered!


Look at those ears! Take some advice from Zen this Spring break: waterfalls make great backdrops for your Insta feed.

Coconut Vanilla

Coconut the Samoyed is celebrating #TongueOutTuesday on the beach this week. Fingers crossed that Aldi releases the same doggy bucket hats from last year so that everyone can travel in this much style.


Have you ever seen a cuter co-pilot? Daisy the Yorkie loves to sit passenger on car trips with her pawrents. Luckily, there are tons of options when it comes to car seat covers for dogs.

Winnie, Bella, Jiminy, and Frankie

What's better than sharing spring break with some of your best furr-iends? These four Chihuahua pals sure know how to snap a group pic.

Emi and Jojo

"Captains EmJo here - Destination Pamper Your Pooch Island!" Emi the shih tzu mix and Jojo the toy Aussiedoodle made sure to pack their sunnies and swimsuits for their beach vacation!


Tucker the Boykin spaniel already lives in a spring break destination, so his days are filled with boating, palm trees, and saltwater galore. We're definitely jealous and wondering if he's accepting visitors.


You'll definitely want to scroll through these photos of Bun the sausage dog living it up in Seattle for spring break. And if this inspired your next trip, check out some dog-friendly hotels perfect for your next fur family getaway.

Molly Pearl

Molly spent her first-ever beach day on the Oregon coast, and it appears this Frenchie loves the salty air. With a face like that, it's no wonder French bulldogs are the second most popular dog breed in the United States.


Did you know that Bernese mountain dogs are one of the best breeds for hiking? Naturally energetic and active, Bernese like Jasper here will love a spring break trip to the mountains for hikes and exploring.


"I sure enjoyed doing a dig on Menton's beaches. I might hab also stolen some fisherman's bait and got Momma yelled at." Coco the Samoyed took her spring break international, and we have some serious FOMO.

Milo, Cindy, Koa, Luna, and Friends

It's always a pool day in sunny Florida, and this dachshund clique is taking full advantage. After all, what's spring break without your best pals to share it with?