I mean, what dog wouldn't be excited for a day of family, food, and delicious smells?
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small girl giving dog food from her fork under the table at thanksgiving
Credit: Terry Vine / Getty

Aah, Thanksgiving. For us humans, it's an excuse to dress up (just to hang out in our living rooms) and gorge ourselves on turkey, sides, and every kind of pie. For our pets, it's the day of yummy smells and added family members around to give extra ear scratches. Sounds like a win-win scenario! At least that's what the dogs in this story would lead you to believe.

Before the big day arrives, make sure you take all the necessary precautions to ensure both you and your pets have a happy and healthy holiday. Take note of the foods your dog can and can't eat ahead of time and be sure to give them a quiet, safe space to relax if things get too overwhelming. (Same goes for our kitty friends—they'll appreciate a hiding space if the new sights and smells get to be a bit much or if they suffer from anxiety.)

All right, we've made you wait long enough for the doggos in their Thanksgiving best (feels reminiscent of waiting for Turkey Day dinner to start). Without further ado, here are 15 dogs who can hardly wait for Thanksgiving dinner to begin. We're right there with you, guys!


Now that's a turkey we could gobble right up! Leo the Cavalier King Charles spaniel fits right into the autumn holiday with his red and white locks. His adorable turkey hat really seals the deal on this outfit.

Bentley and Harley

We see the "gobble 'til you wobble" sentiment and we are here for it. These two darling brothers look ever so festive in their precious Thanksgiving bandanas. Need one of your own? Shop these adorably Instagrammable fall dog bandanas that are for sale right now.


Murphy's been thinking about dinner ever since he woke up to the smell of a turkey roasting in the oven. *Proceeds to give puppy dog eyes all day until he gets a treat.*


Paisley's all about that "baste" this season, and wishes everypawdy a happy Turkey Day! Don't worry Paisley, you're not on the dinner menu. You just looked too scrumptious to pass up this photo opportunity.


Hudson the Cavapoo's bandana reads, "Everyone is thankful for me," and he's 100 percent correct. We're celebrating you this Thanksgiving, Hudson. Keep being pawsome.

Dean the Basset Hound

What his owners did to get this photo, we don't know, but one thing is for certain: Dean the basset hound can hardly wait for turkey time. He's practically drooling smelling that bird in the oven. Fingers crossed he got to indulge in a healthy treat or two while dinner cooked!


If you want your dog to partake in the fun without worrying about their sensitive tummies, grab them a turkey-themed toy to join in on the festivities. Rookie here seems to love his roasted turkey plushie, and it certainly made for a perfect photo op.

Cooper and Mini

Last year, Cooper and Mini were thankful to have a healthy family and furr-iends. This year, I think we're all thankful for those turkey hats! A simple DIY project turned into a Thanksgiving photoshoot for these cat and dog siblings. Isn't that what the holidays are all about?

Leo the Golden Retriever

Leo the golden retriever pup wants everyone to know that he's the official taste tester around here. That is, he's game for tasting all puppy-approved snacks and treats (like these amazing homemade cranberry oatmeal doggie biscuits).


Keep a very close eye on your pups, otherwise they might help themselves to a seat at the table like Noodle here. Don't worry though, he didn't eat anything he wasn't meant to—although he does seem to be eyeing that glass of wine. Ruh-roh!


In the words of Winston, "Gobble up all the love and gratefulness today." We're taking a page out of his book this holiday season and giving thanks for all our favorite friends. (It goes without saying that we're shopping early for the best dog Christmas gifts this year, too.)

Gracie Mae

We love our dogs, but we're thankful for our cats, too! Gracie Mae looks festive as a turkey this holiday. Now is she thankful for her humans too, or plotting her revenge for this cat turkey costume? We can only imagine.

Keela and Mattis

Keela and Mattis' bandanas say to pass the pie, and they weren't joking around! Luckily, their mom made them some dog-friendly "pumpkin pie" to indulge in this holiday.

Doug the Pug

Last but certainly not least, everyone's favorite pug in full-on Thanksgiving couch potato mode. We all know that Doug the Pug knows how to have a good time. In his eyes, it's not Thanksgiving, but "PUGSgiving!" If you need us, we're going to make like Doug here and get into our coziest knit sweater for an afternoon of food, family, and furry friends.