These are exactly the kind of fall vibes we’ve been craving.

It's official—fall is finally here! Soon there will be a nice chill in the air, pumpkins on every porch, and lots of colorful leaves for your dog to jump in. So next time you're taking your precious pooch on a nice long walk, you can both smile at the satisfying crunch of the leaves under your feet (and their paws).

dog in autumn leaves
Credit: Courtesy of innwentadventurinn / Instagram

Yep, dogs seem to love the leaves just as much as we do. I mean hello, have you ever seen the pure joy and excitement on a pup's face when you throw a bunch of them in the air? It might as well be raining tennis balls for them. And seeing our dogs happy, well, it makes us happy too. That's why we took the liberty of rounding up some of the best Instagram posts of dogs having an absolute ball in fall. Check out these pups who are absolutely thriving in those leaf piles. 


It's a bird! It's a plane! It's leaves falling on sweet Finn's head! Forget playing fetch with a boring old ball, throw a bunch of fall leaves in the air and Finn here will pounce. Any bets on if he'll catch them all? Probably not, but never say never. 


We love warm fall colors like red, orange, and yellow, but Peregrine's gorgeous blue eyes have stopped us dead in our tracks. And that contrast with the leaf pile? Our hearts can't take it. This Aussie puppy is simply stunning. 


Miss Daisy the Wiggle Butt, as she's known to her Instagram followers, might strut her stuff on the sidewalk, but she's also keen on laying down in the leaves. Hey, we all deserve a good rest now and again. Side note, how adorable is her leaf crown and matching bandana? Correct answer: the adorablest. 


What we wouldn't give to see that autumn oasis from little Baz's point of view. Roaming through the leaves only a few inches off the ground, no end in sight, just pure vibes. Yep, we'd definitely trade places with this 'lil dachshund


Aren't those just the sweetest puppy dog eyes you've ever seen peeping out from a leaf pile? They're almost bigger than he is! They almost distract us from his boopable black nose, but don't worry, we're still gonna double tap on it when we like this post. 


Speaking of boops, we'd be amiss if we didn't talk about how badly we want to kiss Mo's sweet snozz. I mean, come on, it practically takes up our entire screen. This precious mutt pup has stolen our hearts, and we bet he's stolen yours too. 


Tony is absolutely living his best puppy life rolling in that pile of leaves. No thoughts, not a care in the world, just wearing a harness and munching on a maple leaf. And that little belly, we just wanna rub it into oblivion. 


POV: you're a tennis ball that just caught Rocky's attention. You thought you were safe while he was distracted by rolling in the leaves, but unfortunately, you're time has come. This Aussie is about to pounce on you in about .5 seconds. RIP!


Leaves may be falling off the trees left and right, but Ruby is more concerned with the sticks that fall right along with them. This long, thin one seems to be her favorite. Excellent choice, Ruby. You've proved you have impeccable taste. 


You're telling us there's a dog in this Insta post? Oh! Sorry, Benjamin, we didn't see you there. He may be a golden retriever, but his red-hued coat had us fooled there for a second. He blends right in with the gorgeous autumn leaves! 


Dyna's look of pure joy is absolutely infectious. Now we can't stop smiling ourselves! Granted, her pet parent may be holding up a treat or chew toy to bring out that stunning smile, but it doesn't really matter. She's sweet as can be either way. 


Juneau here looks like she's totally in her element. She may share a name with the city in Alaska, but she seems to be loving that crisp Minnesota weather just fine. As long as there's a good forest with lots of fallen leaves, we bet this Siberian husky will be happy as can be. 


There's nothing like a good old-fashioned game of tug-o-war with a furry friend. After scrolling through these pics, it looks like sweet Rhubarb won this round, but that doesn't mean a rematch isn't on the horizon. This Labradoodle may have to defend their title.