We love it when 'man’s best friend' also doubles as the best man.
Pup in wedding dress sitting on bride's lap

Summer is in full swing, which means wedding season is upon us. The gowns, the glitter, the buckets of champagne—what's not to love about love?

Whether you're saying 'I Do' or perfecting your dream Pinterest board, the hype is real. Because let's face it, your wedding is the most magical day of your life. Of course you'll want all your loved ones around to celebrate, but that roster isn't limited to human cohorts.

Yes, you can include your favorite furry friend on your special day. And while they might not eat a slice of the cake or get to toast with a pint like the rest of your guests, these pups make up for it by dressing the part. Here's a haul of the absolute cutest dogs in wedding attire that Instagram has to offer.

Dojan's Big Day

This Cavalier King Charles spaniel is giving Meghan and Kate a run for their money. Sweet Dojan is a paws-itively perfect princess in front of that fairytale castle. Seriously, could she be any more magical?

Honey and Duke Say 'I Do'

Their names aren't even the cutest thing about this duo from Greenville County Animal Care in South Carolina. Just look at those eyes, not to mention the matching flower crown collars. Cheers to the happy couple!

Best Desert Buds 

Buzz and Phoenix look absolutely fierce in these bowtie bandanas. Let's just hope their good looks didn't outshine their happy parents' big day.

Who Wore It Best?

Plenty of handsome groomsmen, but only one good boy. We don't want to pick favorites here, but this immaculately dressed golden retriever definitely steals the spotlight.

Pup of Honor

OK, we know you're not supposed to wear white to a wedding, but we'll make an exception for this dashing dachshund. Beach day with the Dog of Honor, anyone?

Man's Best Friend ... and Best Man

Little Archie is serving looks in this suave navy suit. And that face … he knows he looks good.

Mad Chillin'

The wedding aisle is obviously the best spot to rest. OK, maybe not for human members of the wedding party ... but for this pup, we'll let it slide.

All Dogs Go to Receptions

What better accessory for the bride than her very best friend? We can only assume that these two probably danced the night away after taking this adorable pic.

Reggie the Regal

English bulldog Reggie is by far one of the classiest pups we've ever seen. The suit? The name? Like a perfect love story, this dog wedding outfit is written in the stars.

Barkin' Up to Boston

Zeus is all ears and no funny business. But not us—how could you not smile at a Boston terrier dressed up in blue?

True Pup's Kiss

Who wants to bet holding this sweet golden retriever puppy was the highlight of their wedding day? We can't handle the cuteness!

Harness Over Heart

Walter and Alfie could not be more handsome in their matching harness suit jackets. These two cuties even match with their dog dad's outfit! We hope our friends at InStyle are paying attention to this picture-perfect crew.

Something Blue

As the old-fashioned saying goes, every bride needs something blue. But nobody said it can't be your best bud! This gorgeous Tiffany bowtie does the trick (and we don't mean the kind like how to "sit" and "stay").

The Dog-Father

This face reminds us of someone out of a scene from a movie, but we can't quite put our paw on it. "You come to me … on the day of my parent's wedding?" In that suit jacket, this bulldog is about to make us an offer we can't refuse.

Dynamic Duo

Strike a pose! Nia and Dobi look like #models in their matching wedding tutus. This pair is sure to be the prettiest pups at the party. We just wish we could watch them walk the runway, er, aisle.