Snug as a pug in a rug.
Morkie wearing cable knit sweater with a letter B posing in a pumpkin patch
Credit: Courtesy of morkie_bailey / Instagram

Now that fall is finally here, chilly weather is just on the horizon. And while many dogs are blessed with thick fur coats, some pups need up backup to keep cozy in the colder months. The adorable solution: dogs in sweaters. Whether you make them yourself or buy them elsewhere, one thing is for sure—your dog is going to look darling in them.

That's right, sweaters aren't just for Christmas time. As far as we're concerned, we'd wear matching ones with our pups all year if we could. Still, we're fine settling for scrolling on Insta in search of the cutest dogs in sweaters. Here are the best posts we could find far and wide:


Whoever knitted Enzo's little sweater absolutely understood the assignment. We couldn't have picked the colors out better ourselves. If we had to pick, that rustic red is definitely his color, though we also think he also looks beautiful in pale blue.

Little Red and Alfie

It looks like it's a little difficult to get these chihuahuas to sit and stay for a picture at the same time. Little Red is not amused by his brother's shenanigans. "Can we wrap this up? I have passers-by to bark at!"


Just like the incoming fall weather, Charlie is cool as can be. This mini Labradoodle sure can rock a pair of sunnies, even on a nice overcast afternoon. The tinted shades compliment his cozy blue sweater nicely. It's a whole outfit!


There's nothing wrong with a little self-promotion, especially when it takes the form of a darling doggie sweater. Yep, Bailey is his own home team, and we're rooting for a win. With that little number on, he's definitely the cutest pup in the pumpkin patch.

Stella and Mia

We can barely tell these Westie girls apart! It's a good thing that their sweaters are different colors so we can at least keep track for now. Which one is Mia and which one is Stella? Your guess is as good as ours. 

Mister Marty

"How do I look?" Absolutely dashing, Mister Marty. One thing before you head out on the town, though. Your sweater is stunning, but you do have one ear sticking up, sir. Get that sucker tamed and you'll be ready to hit the streets of Portland.


What's better than a lapdog and a lavender latte? That's right, nothing. Though it might be a stretch to call a corgi a lapdog, anything is possible if you put your mind to it, just like how Penny put on her green sweater this morning.


This brown Dalmatian is definitely one with nature. He is named River, after all. But even if he loves the great outdoors, it's still important to stay warm on your adventures. Good thing River's pet parents packed him a nice warm sweater for their stroll.


Ricochet's whippet coat may be pale, but that sweater sure isn't. We're not even sure we have anything in our wardrobes as bright and cheery as that crocheted top. What better way to stay warm in Chicagoland than with a blazing rainbow sweater?


There's no way Frankie here isn't a model. I mean, his fur is literally blowing in the wind for a perfect picture. We shouldn't be surprised, though. He is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, after all. And royalty always looks as regal as he does.


When Fika's not busy rating sticks on her Insta account, she likes to do exactly what the sign says: "Come. Sit. Play." But of course, she needs a darling outfit for her night out on the town. We love this blue sweater on her, almost as much as she loves sticks!


Little Miss Nellie here is feeling a bit bashful today. Well if she's feeling insecure about that precious pink sweater, she's dead wrong. You look adorable, Nellie! Don't be shy, go strut your stuff.


Looks like little Cheech is so cozy that he can barely stay awake. To be fair, if we were being swaddled while wearing a knit sweater we would probably pass out right then and there. Though whether it would be from happiness or relaxation, we can't be so sure.