Spooky Season Is Upon Us and These 13 Dogs in Pumpkins Are Proof

There’s nothing like a pumpkin pupper.

dog in pumpkin
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Fall is officially here and we couldn't be happier. There's a chill in the air, a crunch in the leaves, and a face on every pumpkin in sight. But you know what would make this spooky season even more adorable? A precious puppy inside those pumpkins. We're pouting our lips in admiration just thinking about it.

Puppies and pumpkins do mix well, believe it or not. Experts say pumpkin is safe for dogs to eat—if it's cooked. Canned pumpkin is fair game though, in moderation of course (just make sure it's plain and not the kind you'd use in pumpkin pie filling—the spices in those are not safe for dogs to eat).

To celebrate the magic of fall and all the gorgeous pumpkin decor we're obsessing over right now, here are some of the sweetest pictures of dogs in pumpkins on Instagram. They're so cute you'll scream!


Sweet Lyla here just got some very exciting news… this Doberman-mix is adopted! Her previous foster mama couldn't be happier for her, and we're right there with her. What a great way to kick off spooky season!


Chihuahuas are tiny enough to make great lap dogs, but we'd like to take it one step further. They also fit nicely into these fabulous unlit jack-o-lanterns! Just look at the way these pup's paws are resting on that rim… a king on his throne if we've ever seen one.


Lulu here is just about the least scary thing we can think of. But stick her in that terrifying pumpkin carving and you've struck a perfect balance. The pumpkin is the trick, but this sweet girl is definitely the treat.

Sparks and Harry

We didn't think ingredients like pumpkin and hot dogs could ever be a good combo until we saw this adorable dachshund duo. Sparks and Harry are clearly adorable wiener dogs all year long, but Halloween might give them an excuse to play some pranks for trick-or-treat. We'll still love them either way.


Why the long face, Morgan? Don't you love your new pumpkin dog bed? Just kidding, we're sure you'll still have your regular one to cozy up in and watch the leaves change, after your long walks all around Seattle of course.


Nothing says Autumn is here like a shot of a fluffy puppy during golden hour while she perches in a pumpkin. Her name may be Winter, but this little floof is absolutely soaking in all of autumn's glory. Still, when cold weather does roll around, her Australian shepherd coat will keep her nice and toasty.


We love a dapper dog that's not afraid to roll around in the leaves. Yorkies are also the perfect size to perfectly pose in a pumpkin. Now say that three times fast. But seriously, Sandy looks so dang cute in that little doggie bow tie.


Don't tell anyone, but Nora here is secretly a witch. She is strutting around Salem, Mass. after all! And what's a witch without a scary pumpkin in tow? Alright, Nora, we'll leave you alone now so you can brush up on your spells. Just don't hex us!


Iggy is practicing her "resting witch face." But don't be fooled by the caption, we bet this long-haired shih tzu is as sweet as pumpkin pie.

Best Lab Pals

Whoever said you couldn't fit a Labrador retriever into a pumpkin obviously wasn't trying hard enough. The trick is to spend hours scouring the orchard for the biggest pumpkin you've ever seen. Dream big!


Buffy is more than ready for Halloween. I mean, her Insta name is Buffy the Fluffy Slayer for crying out loud… this is her season and we're just living in it. Plus, she's way cuter than any vampire we've ever seen.

The Bullshitz Brothers

It still counts as a puppy in a pumpkin even if it's plastic. Trust us, we're experts on the topic. These mixed-breed brothers are absolutely melting our hearts. Those little noses? We just wanna boop them through the screen.


California may not be famous for its fall weather, but Gromette is still doing her darndest to keep the spooky vibes alive. We might be California dreamin', but this Parson Russell terrier is dreaming of ghosts and ghouls.

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