Sure, dressing up for Halloween is great. But dressing up our pets for Halloween is even better!

Sure, dressing up for Halloween is great. But dressing up our pets for Halloween is even better! In case you haven't spent all year planning what your fur child will wear on the spookiest night of the year (guilty as charged), check out these photos of dogs in Halloween costumes for a little outfit inspiration. These adorable puppers are all dressed up and ready for a night of bark-or-treat, and we're obsessed.

photo of dog in bee halloween costume with a woman wearing a bumblebee headband
Credit: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc / Getty

Ready to join in on all the Halloween fun with your furry BFF? Before you pick out a costume for your pooch, be sure to read up on these tips for keeping your pets safe this Halloween. You'll want to set realistic expectations, too. Between the candy temptations (no chocolate for doggos, of course) and the kiddos knocking on your door for snacks, some pups just aren't suited for a night of activity out in the neighborhood. For dogs who might appreciate a quiet spot to cozy up in during the festivities, snap a photo of Fido in his outfit ahead of time before tucking him into a safe zone where he can relax for the evening.

Bear and Momo

All you need to recreate this ghoulish look from adorable rescue dogs Bear and Momo is a bed sheet (or maybe a pillow case for those smaller ghosts) with holes cut out for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Just follow the lead of these cuties and keep your little ghost in their outfit for a quick photo snap before heading out to trick-or-treat with something a little safer that they won't be as likely to trip over.


For a little guy like Stevie here, being one of the 1990's favorite collectable Beanie Babies makes perfect sense. I mean, this mini Dachshund does pull off the stuffed animal look pretty well, doesn't he? This look is an easy DIY dog costume for pet parents who are strapped for time.


Winnie the bull terrier cast a spell on everyone with his Gryffin-dog costume—or should we call him "Hairy" Potter? This brainy babe looks ready to hop on the train to Dogwarts ASAP.


Croissant here was charged with stealing his paw-rents socks (relatable), but luckily, he escaped his sentence. Wondering if maybe he threw the guard dog a bone?

Antonio and friends

Is this a picture of four spooky witches getting ready to stir up a brew, or four puppy pals in their adorable matching shirts for skinny-waisted dogs from Duds for Buds? We honestly can't tell the difference, but one thing is crystal clear: these Italian greyhounds are ready to cast a spell on the neighborhood kids just as fast as you can light the black flame candle.


We're confused. You mean to tell us this isn't just a bushel of apples? Cedric the tiny Chihuahua blends right in with his itty-bitty outfit.


Do long legs count as a long neck? If so, Cleo—also known as @cleolonglegs on Instagram—makes the perfect giraffe.


Understandably, Horton the French bulldog is the only one who's not thrilled about this costume (to be fair, his head is on the menu). Good thing treats always come after tricks!


You can't get more classic than a pup-kin during Halloween, and Luna the sheltie is one of the sweetest little pumpkins we've ever seen.


Nova the bark-ista is serving up some barks and brews as a Starbucks worker. You know what that means: puppuccinos for everyone!


Ruby, phone home! This E.T. costume would be easy to replicate with a blanket, a basket, and a red hoodie. We do have to admit, Ruby pulls off the look well. The pictures of her with the stuffed animals really cement her place as a Hollywood icon.

The PBJ Pack

If you've got an entire canine crew, take inspiration from the always adorable PBJ Pack and go for a group costume. You can assign characters based on your pup's individual personalities, like these oh-so-sweet "Winnie the Pooh" characters straight from the Hundred Acre Woods.


We're loving Crusoe the Dachshund's scary take on spooky season. In fact, this might be one of the best dog Halloween costumes of the year. (Just don't tell him he's more adorable than he is spooky).

Kilo and Jojo

Talk about the perfect buddy costume! 10 out of 10 would order this lobster and give our compliments to the (corgi) chef. Want to go matchy-matchy this year with your pooch on trick-or-treat night? Take this quiz to find out what the best pet-owner Halloween costume is for you and your BFF. Be sure to tag us on Instagram using #DailyPawsPets and we'll feature our favorites.