It’s not autumn until we see a puppy in a blanket cape.
dog wrapped in cozy blanket
Credit: Courtesy of wembley_the_skindog / Instagram

Fall is just around the corner and we couldn't be happier. Gone are the days of sweat-soaked sheets and overblown ACs—it's cozy season. We're talking lazy afternoons curled up in sweaters, sipping a hot toddy, and petting our precious pooches. Dogs are just about the best cuddle buddies around, made oh-so-evident in these adorably cozy photos of dogs in blankets.

Odds are your pup has a favorite blankie or a designated nap spot that they just can't get enough of (just take a look at your fur-coated couch for proof). Fall weather suits them well—it's not too hot for mid-day walks, and not too cold to lounge outside while us humans rake the leaves. These 13 cozy companions are loving the change in season, and we're totally here for the influx of cute photos featuring dogs wrapped in blankets that are about to start flooding our Instagram feed. Cheers to cooler weather ahead! 


It's ruff being Elfie. After a full day of waking up the house before sunrise for breakfast, barking at the delivery person, and hiding from the Roomba, this golden retriever is all puppered out. Best to take a rest on a comforter that matches her silky white coat


Coziness is of the utmost importance this fall, especially for smaller dogs like this precious little rat terrier. By the looks of it, Kobe here is ahead of the curve. He didn't need to wait for the leaves to change colors to break out the flannel sheets, and honestly, good for him. 


We've never seen such a big Great Dane pull off puppy dog eyes so well. Our instinct is to tell Sherb to drop the fuzzy blanket, but we don't have the heart. He just looks so cozy! We'll let it slide this time, Sherb. But don't get too much drool on it. 


Shh! Squincher is sleeping, nobody move a muscle. His Insta bio says he loves running, so we're guessing he got a good jog in before hitting the hay for an afternoon nap snuggled up in his blanket. Walk or not, he's earned his rest. Goodnight, sweet prince. 


Yet another boop for the books. Vizslas may be great hunters, but this city dog must be content chasing pigeons around Central Park all afternoon. It's all in a day's work, really. And what better way to recover than with a nice blanket cape?

Barney Chops

This Cavalier King Charles spaniel totally rocks the cozy-chic look. The fluffy sherpa blanket? Check. That well-groomed coat? Double check. Little Barney Chop is a bit of a fur-shionista all wrapped up in that blankie, and we're totally here for it. 


Wembley may share a name with the famous English stadium, but this pup isn't moving any time soon. Nope, today is a chill day for this adorable hairless dog. We're guessing they'll go chase a ball around later, but first, a nice nap. 

Dolly and Stevie

If you look closely, you'll see there are actually two chiller Chihuahuas in this photo. That's right, Dolly and Stevie are kind of a package deal. There's something to be said for having a designated cuddle buddy, even if it's just snoozing together in the same blanket. 


He's a French bulldog, so of course they had to name him Euro. The French are known for being fashionable, and this pup says blanket infinity scarves are in this season. Cute and cozy? We're sold.


Her name may be Espresso, but this latte lady is anything but energized today. She's having a coffee crash and needs to lay down ASAP. And honestly, who are we to stop her? Her paw-rents can always remove lingering dog hair from their sheets later on when she's done dozing. 

Bulgarian Beauty 

Senior dogs and small dogs like this teensy terrier may need a little extra bulk when it comes to staying warm in the colder months. Doggie coats and sweaters can help, but we're guessing the cold Bulgarian winter means a fluffy blankie or a heated dog bed is needed to keep this pooch warm!


What's the point of being cozy if you don't have a snuggle buddy? And yes, stuffed animals count, especially puppy ones. Chloé's may not be a spitting image of her shih tzu self, but the sentiment is there. 


Sargent may be large and in charge, but he can be totally softie, especially when he's wrapped in a blanket. Labrador retrievers are well-known for being total sweethearts anyway. Your name isn't fooling anyone, Sarge! We all know you're as sweet and cuddly as they come.