These puppies are game-day ready.
small chihuahua in tiny Kansas City Chiefs jersey
Credit: Courtesy of misterrigatoni / Instagram

The time we've all been waiting for is finally here—football season is back! Watching the Olympics was a nice warm-up, but now it's time to kick it in high gear at the stadium or at your friend's watch party. And any good party isn't complete without a dog in tow. 

They might seem more interested in the chips and dip just out of reach on the coffee table, but some dogs are just as excited as us to finally watch some football. I mean hello, there's a reason they love playing fetch with a good ol' pigskin. And, unlimited couch snuggles with their favorite humans! Plus, dogs just look so dang cute in doggy sports jerseys. Here are 15 Instagram pups that are overjoyed that football season is finally here. 


It's safe to say this little Pomeranian is a 49ers superfan. Between the branded football, helmet, and wall decor, she's all decked out. Not to mention her darling jersey and matching bow. Side note, red is totally her color. 


Say cheese! We'll happily become Cheeseheads if it means we can look this cute! Little Tucker here is geared up and ready for game day. Shih tzus may not be the fastest dog breed out there, but that doesn't mean they can't cheer on their favorite running back.   


Dang, Larry's got a great vertical! He's a little too big for the Puppy Bowl, but he may have a future in the NFL as soon as they launch their dog division. We've already started the petition for those pajamas to be the official uniform. 


Bruce's game day look is cool and collected. "Oh sorry, didn't see you there with my blacked-out doggy glasses." He's ready to spend the rest of the afternoon cheering on his new hometown football team (decked out in the coolest gear).

Riley and Teddy

Riley and Teddy have more in common than being Yorkies and having matching jerseys. They also have impeccable game day faces. The stern squint, the tilt of the head. We're shaking in our cleats! 


Birthday girl Sammy is quite the little fur-shionista in her pretty pink Bills jersey. And what better birthday gift than a big win from her dog mom's favorite football team. Sounds like a win-win for everyone involved. 


One thing is for certain: Moose loves football. And as a Newfoundland, he's basically big enough to jump in a game. He'd make a great tackle, but something about his sweet face tells us he wouldn't hurt a fly. He just loves the game!


Falkor's face is all of us when our favorite team drops a pass and loses the game. It's enough to just break your heart. Don't fret, little guy. The Seahawks can always pull together a win next Sunday. 


The look on this rescue dog's face perfectly captures our excitement now that football season is here. And what better way to watch the Patriots than on a backyard patio. Pass the bug spray, Myla, we're ready to set up camp right next to you. 


Sonny here may be a Vizsla, but he's a bird at heart when it comes to football. Even if the Eagles don't win the big game, it won't break his spirits. Just like his Instagram says, it's always Sonny in Philidelphia! 


What a distinguished gentleman! Norman's headshot here is a lot friendlier (and cuter!) than most football players. The golden doodle isn't afraid to show off a little teeth and a lot of personality. 


We can only assume Murphy's favorite activity is passing around the ol' pigskin in the backyard. Playing fetch is fun, sure. But football fetch? That's on a whole other level. This Airedale terrier's sprinkler system is the end zone, and he's the yard's MVP.


Griffinn knows he looks good in his Chargers jersey. The LA team's mascot may be Boltman, but we think the crowd would go crazier for this precious pup in the stands. He'll get them on their feet and cheering in no time.

Mister Rigatoni

Mister Rigatoni may be as small as a noodle, but his love for the Chiefs is as big as Arrowhead Stadium. He's 50-percent Chihuahua, 50-percent corgi, and 100-percent ready for the Chiefs to make it to the Super Bowl for the third year in a row. 


We can't see Java under all that black and white fluff, but we can see their excitement that the Vikings are taking the field again. This sheepadoodle may live in LA now but will still be rooting for their hometown team!