OK, there’s still a bit of downward dog ...
woman practicing yoga downward dog with her pup
Credit: Cavan Images / Getty

Odds are you've tried your hand in at-home yoga sometime in the past year. Some of us turned to YouTube, some to online classes and apps, and our dogs turned to… us? OK, maybe our furry friends aren't trying as hard as we are to stretch our way out of anxiety, but these Instagram posts have us wondering if they're secret gurus. 

Whether you're lucky enough to have tried doing yoga poses with your dog or are spending one-on-one time with your pets during workouts, the photo potential is strong. We've taken the liberty of finding some of the most mindful mutts Instagram has to offer. Oh, and we're taking diligent notes on their perfect puppy poses.

Criss-Cross Applesauce

Golden retriever pup Bumble Bee could teach us a thing or two about feeling centered and one with the doggy-verse. She looks cool, calm, and collected in that cross-legged pose!

Bendy Benji 

There's nothing better than a prepared pup. Benji the toy poodle is ready with his trusty yoga mat and ready to flex his flexibility on all the other Las Vegas pooches.

Puppy See, Puppy Do

Have you ever loved someone so much that you copied everything they did? This doggy and dad duo are one in the same right down to their matching blue yoga mats (almost as good as matching outfits). If we squint we can barely tell them apart! OK, maybe not, but this is seriously too cute.

In Through the Snout, Out Through the Muzzle

Her name may be Joan Jett, but this pup hardly has a bad reputation in our book. I mean look at her! So calm and focused. We should be copying her breathing technique. Teach us your ways, Joan!

Big Stretch

There's nothing wrong with taking a little rest in your workout. Yoga is supposed to help with anxiety, right? What better fix than a quick nap on the mat. This beagle has the right idea. Rest up, little guy!

Blissed Out Boxer

He may be a boxer, but with a studio name like Blissful Buddha, we don't think this pup packs much of a punch. But he's still well trained to sit and nama-stay.

Who Did It Best?

One may be a little taller than the other, but we think both these yogis are killing their poses right now. Little Newton looks zen with the sun shining on his beautiful (hopefully suncreened) Boston terrier face.

Yoga With a View

"Look mom, I can see our house from here!" Centennial Park in Nashville isn't a bad place to perch either. As an Australian shepard, Tahoe will likely grow up to be too big for yoga on top of mom, but she'll never be too big for yoga with mom.

Puppered Out

Sometimes yoga is so soothing, you just have to take a snooze right then and there. No judgement for little Harvey here, who's probably dreaming about perfecting his poses anyway. After that workout, we're ready to curl up right next to you, bud.

Mindful Mutt

"I will not bark at the mailman today. I will not bark at the mailman today. I will not bark at the mailman today." A little mindfulness never hurt anyone, least of all this dedicated doggo. We all wish we could be as focused as he is with this mantra.

Partnered Pose

What better way to socialize a dog than through puppy yoga? Sofie knows exactly what she's doing, she is an expert after all. It's all in the legs (laying down on them that is). Sometimes we all need a Sofie to lay on us.