Lucky for us, some pet parents make their pups part of the Pawdi Gras celebration, decking their dogs out in cute costumes for the festivities.
dog dressed up in beads to celebrate Mardi Gras
Credit: Drazen Zigic / Getty

Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is a fun-filled holiday all about feasting—so of course dogs everywhere are only too happy to take part in the festivities. The colors purple, green, and gold have come to symbolize the holiday, in addition to colorful beads, masks, and feathers worn by carnival-goers...and, in some cases, their lucky pups.

For fun, we've rounded up photos of dogs celebrating Mardi Gras, wearing (of course) cute costumes. We imagine these pups are woofing, "Laissez les bons temps rouler!" (Let the good times roll!) Or they might just be begging for a slice of king cake. Either way, they'll make you smile.

Jax and Leo

These doodle brothers look ready to pawty in their festive necklaces and headpieces. Beads and bling: it's a Mardi Gras thing.


Pearl the golden retriever has everything she needs for Pawdi Gras. Sparkly hat? Check. Feather boa? Check. Bandana? Check. A collection of beads? Of course!

King Kai

King Kai, next to his sister Ginger Beer, looks like the king of Mardi Gras. And according to tradition, the Mayor of New Orleans gives the key to the city to the king of Carnival for the holiday. All hail King Kai!


"You can call me the king of beads, king of cake, and the Pawdi Gras King!" - Chi the shichon, probably.

Josie and Ellie

Hailing from Louisiana, older sister Josie (a red goldendoodle) is going to show her younger sister Ellie (a chocolate goldendoodle) how to get all the treats this "Fluffy" Tuesday. Let them eat king cake!


Bart the blue heeler mix smiles big for his Pawdi Gras close-up. He likes big beads and he cannot lie.

Sir Ernest

"I don't know about these necklaces, I'm just hoping there's pancakes on the menu for dinner tonight." Sir Ernest E.C. Snoozerton the basset hound is all of us, every night at dinner time.


This chocolate lab is a certified NOLA dog, so he knows how to pawty it up every year. He also knows all the best insta-worthy photo spots for bead-catching and parade-watching.


How paw-sitively cute is this pose from Ellie the mini mutt? Something tells us she's no stranger to a photoshoot.


Zuko the mini doodle created his own Mardi Gras float, and we're begging for some of his beads. Throw me somethin', mister!