The wanderlust is real with these posts.
A dog in the back of a travel van with two women
Credit: M_a_y_a / Getty

Everybody could use a vacation from time to time, dogs included. And while puppy boarding resorts will pamper your pup to no end, some dogs would rather go out and get their coat dirty. They can take a nap after a bath any day, but how often do they get to travel the world? 

Whether you're exploring cities in Europe, mountain treks in Peru, or the sandy earth of the Nevada desert, you don't have to go it alone. Any athletic dog is sure to love a nice hike, and the lazier ones are more than happy to ride along in your backpack. 

People everywhere are packing up renovated campers and taking to the open road. Many of them are flying solo, but we're more interested in the furry friends they're bringing along for the ride. Here's our list of 13 adventurous pups that make us want to pack a bag and get the heck outta dodge.

Weenie at the Ready

We're only packing the essentials for this hike. Forget food and shelter, all I need is my best buddy. If hiking with your dog is wrong, then I don't want to be right. 

Elijah Blue and the Deep Blue Sea

Blue skies and seas are on this Aussie's horizon! Maybe Elijah will bring us along on his next trip if we ask nicely. Just be sure that if you and your pooch decide to venture off to the ocean, keep a few tips in mind to help your pup stay safe at the beach, and bring along some doggie sunscreen if you'll be out in the sun for extended periods of time.

Dogs Will Be Dogs

An Italian Alpine resort? A gorgeous golden retriever? What could possibly ruin this moment? It appears our friend Urso the Shepherd decided that rolling in cow manure would be a good idea. Even though he still looks totally photogenic, we're pretty sure a splash in the tub was in order after this.

Best Hiking Buddies

Garden of the Gods? More like Garden of the Dogs. It appears these pups packed all the right doggie hiking supplies before their trek, and enjoyed a well-deserved dinner out on the town after their adventurous hike. Jealous doesn't even begin to describe it.

Need a Boost?

This outdoorsy pet parent gave his pup a leg up during their stunning hike. Because what's the point of a view if you can't share it with your best friend (and then share your great photos together on social media, of course!).

Speedy on the Sand

She's a runner, she's a track star. Not all of us want to work out on vacation, but this pup making strides at California's Huntington Dog Beach has us inspired to head out for a jog with our four-legged friends. 

Pippin Pitches a Tent

Imagine waking up to that view (and no, we don't just mean the mountains). Camping with your dog can be an absolute dream. Pippin the flat-coated retriever brings adventure with her everywhere she goes, and her Instagram profile is proof. 

Tiny Tourists 

If you thought dachshunds were small, just see how they compare next to the Old Town Bridge Tower in the Czech Republic! Barney, Benji, Monty, and Ozzy are living out our dream vacation in breathtaking Prague and we're hella jealous. 

Happy Camper

What's better than the #vanlife? A van dog, of course. Ansa looks like she's right where she belongs out there in the trees and sunshine.

Feat of Nature

How did their little legs make it all the way up that Peruvian mountain?! We don't know whether to be impressed or intimidated by these fluffy white pups, but considering that the average Westie only weighs about 15 pounds, we're honestly a little of both. 

Sandy Cheeks

Why the long face? Hercules looks a little worn out after a day of exploring, so it's a good thing he's resting up for the next day's hike. Not to mention all the lounging he'll get to do in the van once they hit the road again. 

Paws Off

Finn the mini doodle looks as fluffy as all those desert cactuses. We'll only be petting one of them though (hint, it's the cutey in the yellow bandana).

Zen is one with Nature

This little guy is taking "lake dog" to a whole new level (an elevation of 12,440 feet, to be exact). We just wonder how he made it so far on those little legs! Maybe his doggie adventure supplies helped him along the way.