I could go for a trip to the spa right about now.
pampered dog living his best life wearing shower cap, getting ready for his bath
Credit: Edwin Tan / Getty

We could all use a little pampering from time to time, and that includes our best furry friends. Think of anything luxurious and there's likely an equivalent for your pets too: doggie hotels, special massages, and grooming products just to name a few. One of the best parts of being pampered (besides how flipping relaxing it can be) is the Instagram potential. I don't know about you, but I sure am a sucker for a puppy in a bathrobe or a bubble bath. 

Whether you're stuck at home dreaming of a spa day or just looking for puppies enjoying a little self care, I've rounded up the cutest pampered pooches Instagram has to offer. Who knows, maybe you'll pick up some grooming tips along the way. 

Curly Cockapoo

The secret to perfect curls? A nice gentle towel dry. This cockapoo's luscious locks will be the envy of Tampa after her doggie spa day. She's already reached #model status in that pose, she really knows how to work the camera.

"Hot Dog Water"

"Can you pass the soap?" Gnome and his boys are absolute #squad goals in their "hot dog water." These dachshunds make us want a spa day with our girl gang, too.

Do I Really Have To Take A Bath?

Let's face it, some dogs hate taking baths. But with a mudroom as beautiful as this one, it would be tough to complain. I mean hello, the dog matches the footstool and the hanging painting. She'll perk up in no time once that fur is squeaky clean. 

Influencer Status

Callie the long-haired German shepherd sure makes one fabulous #influencer. All the puppies on Instagram are rushing to pet stores for her favorite spa products and doggie shampoos. Get your coin, girl!

Pleeeease Can I Take a Bath? 

This luxurious candle-lit bath may have been drawn for his human, but sweet Ollie wishes he had it all to himself. Look at that sweet labrador face, I wouldn't be able to say no!

Puppy's Day Off

Yes, self-care applies to pups too. I don't personally know this adorable little chihuahua, but it doesn't matter. She deserves a day off, it's non-negotiable, just like the fact that she's the cutest thing I've ever seen in that head towel that's probably bigger than her. 

Soap n' Suds

Bathing your dog had never looked cuter. Sullivan the Aussie doodle looks over the moon underneath all those soapy suds. Let's just hope her long curly hair can stay out of her sweet bright eyes. 

Cool as a Cucumber

This beagle may be named Popcorn, but he still likes to snack on veggies from time to time. It looks like he especially loves eating cucumbers once he's done having a home spa day. I didn't want him to cover those puppy dog eyes anyway. 

Pampered Pooch

Hold Alfie's calls… she's having a spa day. I'm super jealous of that fluffy robe that almost perfectly matches her curly English cocker spaniel coat. Basically, Alfie is all of our life goals right now.

Ducking Around

Maud Ma is in dog-gone heaven in this beautifully drawn bath just for her. Chow chows are one of the fluffiest dog breeds around, so a good wash is of the utmost importance. Plus she gets to kick it with her rubber duck best buddies. It's honestly a win-win for everyone involved. 

Doggie Hotel

Spud the bulldog's latest vacation looks nicer than the one I just took. If you can't bear to part with your best furry friend, dog hotels are always an option. Spud is sure glad his humans opted to pamper him too. 

All Smiles

Looks like little Penny here couldn't be happier with her new haircut. And it was her first one (of many)! That wide smile, those big eyes, that little bow... this little floof knows she looks good. 

Clean Machine

Big Jay may be bashful, but at least he's all clean. The puppy dog eyes and halo towel combo is absolutely killing us. Don't be shy, Jay! Show off what you've got.   

Twinkle Shines

Little Twinkle the Maltipoo is a shining example of how relaxing a good grooming can be. She even fell asleep during her pampering! Perhaps it's age-related (she is a senior dog, after all) but I'm just going to assume it's because the routine was so soothing.