Say ‘cheese’ please!
dog smiling for selfie
Credit: Courtesy of Hannah Maria Rudd / Instagram

There's nothing like a sweet doggie face to put a smile on your face. But a dog that actually smiles back? Now that's what we're talking about. It's an endless cycle, really. You see a happy dog, you feel happy yourself. We may be able to tell our dog is happy based on their body language, but these pups' pearly whites say it all. 

We've scoured the internet to find some of the cutest dog selfies that perfectly capture puppy joy. Warning: these smiles are infectious. Here are 14 Instagram dogs with selfie smiles to get your tail wagging


Hang on a sec, did Dexter the doggo take this picture himself? We know golden retrievers don't have opposable thumbs, but this shot seems very convincing. Regardless of who the photographer of this smiley golden really was, we think this turned out to be one top-notch selfie of a muy bien pup from Veracruz, Mexico. 

Sir Remmington Perriwinkle 

Sir Remmington Perriwinkle may be a formal name for a corgi, but this pup keeps it real with his up close and personal camera demeanor. Can you tell this cutie isn't camera shy? We wish we could reach through our screens and boop that sweet nose. 


Ring around the rosy, a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, Zoey fell down! She doesn't look too torn up about it though. Nope, this pup is all smiles. Let's just hope she doesn't start eating the grass while she's down there rolling around. 


This pup looks like he is absolutely loving life right now. We'd be pretty stoked too if we were hanging out in Italy. Maybe not so excited that we start eating flowers, but we're not judging (as long as they're not poisonous, of course!)


Pugs may be an active breed, but little Watson here is only willing to walk so far. His human says he gets too tired halfway through their walks and makes her carry him home. We totally get that it can be work in progress getting your pooch to walk on a leash, we can't stay mad at that adorable little smooshed face. 


Kiki's face is all of us when we see our food coming in a restaurant. We wouldn't mind hanging out at a beachside grill right now either, but Kiki looks excited enough to eat for the both of us. Maybe she'll go catch some waves on a surfboard after her meal. 


POV: you're Roxy's favorite chew toy. This German shepherd sure knows how to work her angles for a great selfie. No surprise, she looks just as cute on her side as she does sitting up. 

All Smiles

"Can I get in the picture too?" Of course, you can. Hot take, but a furry friend makes any selfie 100 times better. Now say "cheese!"


We don't know which is prettier, Selva the dalmatian or that gorgeous view of the Scottish Highlands. Maybe she'll make friends with Nessie during a dip at Lake Loch Ness. Dalmations are excellent swimmers, after all. 


Soft smiles make for a great selfie. And sweet Bekka is serving looks with her flower power hairstyle. A little flower goes a long way, maybe if we follow her lead our pups will do numbers on Insta too

Pitty Perfect

Not even a power outage could stop this pup's shining bright selfie smile. Yep, pit bulls are masters of a good smile. So cute!


German shepherds may be one of the most energetic dog breeds, but it looks like playtime did quite the number on Kona, here. We're glad to see she's still all smiles, even if she's tuckered out. 


Are we going crazy, or does this beagle's smile look like it belongs on a person? He even has a human name, Billy. *X-Files theme plays.*


Is that not the sweetest smile you've ever seen? Valentino has quite the competition, especially on a list like this one, but there's no denying this golden's charm. There's no doubt he'll be just as cute once he's done growing.