Let's be honest, all dogs are winners in our book. But have you ever wondered which breeds would most likely earn gold if they competed in the Winter Olympics? These are our best guesses.
English bulldog snowboarding
Credit: Barcroft / Getty

All eyes will be fixed on athletes from across the world beginning Feb. 4 at this year's Winter Olympic Games held in Beijing. And if you're anything like us, you can't but wonder what events your favorite four-legged friend would take home the gold in (besides speed eating).

Wonder no more! We've rounded up the top doggos from across the globe. They're athletic, they're smart, and they're slobberin' for the gold. Here are the 2022 Winter Olympic gold medalist dogs.

Figure Skating: Saluki

saluki dog running through snow
Credit: Tsvetkova / Adobe Stock

She is beauty, she is grace—she is the Saluki pup and she'll twirl her way to the podium of the Winter Olympics. It's not just her slender build that sets this doggo apart from her competition. Salukis are a sighthound breed, using sight rather than smell to guide her graceful number.

Curling: Komondor

komondor playing in the snow
Credit: Steve Kelley / Getty

One look at the Komondor, and you'll know they were born to bring home the gold in this Olympic sport. Practically a mop themselves, don't underestimate this breed's talent in both sweeping and instinctual ability to oversee the team. This pup isn't known to make up curling teams across the globe—they're rare as pets in most places, but remain popular in rural parts of Hungary.

Snowboarding: Bulldog

English bulldog snowboarding
Credit: Barcroft / Getty

With a low center of gravity, a cool and collected personality, and a go-get-'em drive that never fails, the bulldog is a shoo-in for the snowboarding gold time after time. But watch out! We heard a rumor that Shaun White's Frenchie, Eefing Steve, could give the English a run for their kibble this year.

Bobsledding: Boxer

Boxer running in snow
Credit: Mauro Morete / EyeEm / Getty

The Boxer is always ready for action. With a muscular body poised and eager to go, even pushing a 384-pound bobsled from 0 to 100 is no match for this medal-winning pup! The explosive energy of these good boys is sure to bring home the gold.

Speed Skating: Greyhound

greyhound wearing a shirt running through winter snow
Credit: AzmanL / Getty

It's going to take the fastest dog in the world to bring home the gold medal in speed skating, and we know just the pup. Greyhounds are known to reach speeds up to 45 mph—meaning they can spot and out-sprint any competition.

Hockey: Dachshund

Dachshund running through snow with orange toy in his mouth
Credit: tiptoee / Adobe Stock

Don't be fooled by the small physical size of the Dachshund, they're known to be full of spunk. When things get rowdy on the ice, they're not afraid to set their booties aside and rough-house with dogs larger in size. Despite their mischievous spirit on the ice, Doxie's take to positive reinforcement training well and will enjoy a post-Olympic gold lap nap.

Alpine Skier: Siberian Husky

group of siberian huskys pulling dog sled
With their thick double coats, Siberian huskies are winter-loving dogs. If you have a snow day, good luck getting your pup to come inside!
| Credit: belyaaa / Adobe Stock

Lovers of snow and a cold breeze in their face, taking home the gold in alpine skiing feels like a walk in the park for the Siberian husky. And with their high level of endurance, they really might want to go for a walk in the park after winning this event.

Freestyle Skiing: Jack Russell Terrier

jack russell terrier playing in the winter snow
Credit: Freestyle skiing: annaav / Adobe Stock

If there's one thing a Jack Russell Terrier loves, it's jumping high and jumping often. Plus, when it comes to learning new tricks and showing off skills, you can count on this intelligent doggo. The only thing bigger than this pup's energy is their big, lovable personality. You can't help but cheer on this sweet pup all the way to the gold.

Cross-Country Skiing: German Shorthair Pointer

German shorthaired pointer standing in snowy forest
Credit: digi_guru / Getty

Olympic cross-country skiing is no easy feat. That's why it takes the endurance of the German Shorthaired Pointer to get the job done. These good boys and girls are natural-born athletes who are always up for an adventure—especially if that includes fetching the gold medal.

Après Ski Spectator: Italian Greyhound

italian greyhound wearing a sweater and cap in the winter
Credit: violet-blue / Getty

Someone has to cheer on our favorite doggo athletes, and no one can dress the part quite like the Italian greyhound. These delightful family pets have been part of royal families for centuries and they wouldn't dare miss the social activity of the year.