These pets turned our daily doomscrolling into gleefreshing.
tInstagram dog Norbert portrait
Credit: Courtesy of norbertthedog / Instagram

We can all agree—2020 was a coronacoaster of emotions. In what seemed like an endless year, we've spent far more time on screens than is healthy, and relied on our social media feeds for some much-needed human connection. You may have attempted a TikTok dance or two, or started following some hilarious new pet influencers to add some sparkle to your never-ending scroll through Instagram.

We can relate.

These are some of our favorite Insta-famous dogs from this past year that had us grinning from ear to ear.

Rae the Golden Unicorn

Rae the golden retriever may just be one of the most delightful creatures on this planet. Her name comes from her unique appearance—after an accident shortly after birth left her with one ear, it started to mysteriously migrate up her head as she grew, giving her the appearance of the majestic unicorn that she’s known for today. Her good ear works just fine, and doesn’t appear to be stopping her from living life to the fullest!


Any fellow fashionistas out there would agree that there isn't a more relatable statement for 2020 than "Love it, couldn't wear it," as package after package of glamorous garments we ordered online continue to sit in our closets, unseen.

Tika the tiny Italian greyhound knows how to strut her stuff, but unfortunately had to resort to her social feeds to show off her clothing collections remotely. Even though this fierce fashion model is all dressed up with nowhere to go, luckily she still finds time to try on her fabulous sweaters and share them with us in her Insta photos.

Hammy and Olivia

Hammy and Olivia have gotten really big on Tiktok this year, but their 200,000+ Instagram following is nothing to sniff at. These two talking corgis really have a lot to say and love trying new things. Don’t be surprised to see Hammy whipping up a snack in the kitchen, performing magic tricks, and slaying dragons while Olivia disapproves.


This New York City native Cavapoo isn’t afraid to make a statement. Inspired by the social media phenomenon Dude with Sign, the canine interpretation Dog with Sign protests all the annoying things human pet parents do that doggos wish we would understand.

Henry Wee Wheels

Henry the toy poodle is a therapy dog with a very important job: helping kids in a Northern Ireland school cope emotionally with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. After surviving an attack from another dog before being adopted by his loving pet parent, Henry’s back legs have been left immobile. But that doesn’t stop him from “living life in the fast lane” as he says in his Instagram bio.

Norbert the Dog

Norbert has taken over our social media feeds by storm as our favorite high-fiving canine. With over 800,000 followers on Instagram and over 1 million on Facebook, he’s not new to stardom, but has brought us a significant number of smiles in a year where smiles are hard to come by. Among his many philanthropic endeavors, the tiny three-pound registered therapy dog frequently volunteers at the Children’s Hospital LA, providing comfort and paw pats to the kiddos.


Another fashion icon, Presley, a Chihuahua-miniature pinscher mix rescue pup, has more than 150 dresses, 40 hats, and 24 necklaces that she brings to life on Instagram. When deciding on a name for her sweet pup, Presley’s dog mom Rebecca Shelton wanted to honor her own human mom who passed away a few years ago. It was Shelton’s mom’s passion for Elvis Presley that originally inspired the dog fashion icon’s moniker. In addition to rising Instagram fame, she also includes America's Top Dog Model 2019 finalist on her resumé.

Shila & Eddie

Two of the cutest splooters around, Shila and Eddie the pomeranian pups may just have the fluffiest butts on all of Instagram (if we’re wrong, we don’t want to be right). Their social media pages are chock full of videos of these floofs bouncing around and being cute.

Tatum Talks

Tatum the rescue pup is like the wholesome dad jokester of pet influencers, using his voice to bring joy to the world this year (and every year!). With his spiffy bow tie and genuine concern for safety, Tatum often says, "no fank you" when he's feeling displeased and makes sure his humans are always being responsible.