Sign us up for a pet photography session, ASAP.
family taking a selfie with dog for a christmas card
Credit: svetikd / Getty

Nothing says it's the holiday season quite like posing in red and green and snapping a thousand pictures all for one good Christmas card photo to send to family and friends (doesn't it always go like that? We take 392 photos and only like about two of them). It can be even more of a challenge when you throw your pet into the mix—dressing them up, keeping them calm, and crossing your fingers that you'll be able to get them to look at the camera. Did someone say, "treats?" (A little bribery can work wonders!)

Despite the chaos that can ensue in front of the camera, we endure it year after year for the fun memories it creates. And our dogs and cats are oh-so-precious this time of year, especially when your furry friend is a full blown member of the family with a bone-shaped stocking hung above the fireplace to show how much you love them.

The following holiday photo shoots are some of the cutest, silliest pet Christmas card photos on Instagram. We couldn't choose just one favorite pose—anything where the pets are the main focus is a winner in our book. Looking for inspiration for your own holiday cards? Don't miss these tips for including your pets in your Christmas photos, and tag us on Instagram via @DailyPaws to share your own snapshots.

Oliver and Francisco

"Dear santapaws," the caption starts. "I think if you compare the overall year and grade on a curve, I think we were pretty goob." We can't argue with these adorable Old English sheepdog siblings in their letter to the North Pole, especially in these paw-fect poses.


We know that Twixie (an adorable Brussels Griffon named after Twix the candy bar, of course) was a good girl last year during her holiday photos. We think she's earned a spot on Santa's Nice List.


We're loving the attention to detail in this holiday photoshoot. Not only does Nala the Weimaraner match the kitchen aesthetic, but she also matches her paw-rents perfectly in their plaid. Looks like this little chef will be busy baking up some doggie biscuits all season long.

Bogie and Luca

These two Aussies look like they've nabbed a spot on Santa's sleigh team as official rein-dogs. And they'd be great at it, considering Australian shepherds were bred to work and love lots of activity.


"Dear Santa, Mom and Dad say I'm a good boy. Please send lots of treats. Maybe we can share the milk and cookies? Happy Pawlidays!" We would share our treats with you any day, Hercules.

Georgia and Tilly

Who is naughty and who is nice? Just kidding, they're both on Santa's Nice List. Georgia and Tilly are two precious pups who are just so excited to pose with their pawrents for Christmas that they can't sit still. Want to recreate their look? Check out these tips for taking your dog to the Christmas tree farm before you go.

Diego, Benito, Tito, Lorenzo, and Marco

Think it's hard getting one or two pets to pose for a Christmas card photo? Try five! Luckily, these five Chihuahua brothers are no strangers to photo sessions and made getting a festive picture easy as pie.


We're wagging our tails over this hilarious holiday photo with Kona the border collie front and center. Kona's pawrents sure knew how to make us chuckle, and the only thing we're left wondering is where they got their amazing matching holiday jammies.


Even though Christmas cards with kitties in them may be a bit harder to come by, somehow this adorable family managed to get a purr-fect holiday photoshoot with their cat, Mazi. Bonus points for getting everyone to wear their matching elf outfits.