13 Corgi Butts That Will Drive You Absolutely Nuts

We hate to see them go, but we love to watch them walk away.

Corgi happily running to a person on a green space in a park
Photo: chee gin tan / Getty

We're gonna go out on a limb here and say corgis are one of the most adorable dog breeds around. I mean, what's not to love about a pup who looks like a walking loaf of bread? But one of the best parts of these pooches has to be their fluffy behinds. Corgi butts shake and shimmy like no other. And as some of the best splooters in the animal kingdom, we can't get enough of their buns.

The internet is rich in photos of these loafy loves, but we took the liberty of narrowing your search for a smile. Get ready, here are 13 exceptional corgi tushes to brighten your day.

Slumped Rump

Looks like Sir Bentley has a bad case of the Mondays. We've all felt like this little guy at some point.

Tumblin' Tushie

They might be locked and loaded for a good belly scratch, but we'd rather rub up on those cheeks.

Long Hair, Don't Care

Look at those luscious locks! Even if they might be a nightmare to groom, that sploot makes it all worth it.

Hot Buns

Hawaiian rolls may be sweet, but not as sweet as these corgi buns. Shumai is looking like a tasty treat and we are eating it up!

Heart-Shaped Sploot

There's no greater love than that between us and our pet pals. We are loving Molly's divine derriere, and it loves us right back.

Evil Eye

"I better not catch you peeking!" Sorry, Bentley, we'll do our best to refrain.

Jab in the Flab

Artie and his cheeks are "vaxxed and relaxed" just in time for Hot Dog Summer.

Walkin' Wiggles

We hate to see Archie go, but we love to watch him walk away…

Dressed to Impress

Cersi's behind is bursting at the seams in her adorable doggy diaper. It's driving us nuts! (Peanuts, that is…)

Bashful Bum

Don't be shy, Tubby! Show off what you've got. It'll be easy to socialize with those puppy eyes.

Wiggle n' Wag

Wiggle wiggle wiggle! Is this pup happy wagging or waving hello?

Holy Fluff!

That is one thick, juicy corgi booty. And that face… they know they look good.

Peachy Keen

We can only assume Tony is taking a much-needed rest after hauling that booty all over town.

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