These cuties quack us up.
woman holding three baby chicks at a farm
Credit: Ursula Ferrara / EyeEm / Getty

Spring is synonymous with rain showers, blooming flowers, and baby farm animals. It's hard to choose which one of those is our favorite option, but we have to admit that baby farm animals take the cake. The little faces! The fluff! The wobbly legs! We can't get enough.

From oh-so-cute piglets to waddling baby ducks, these photos will instantly put a smile on your face.

Dirty Ducklings

We can only guess as to what these ducklings have been up to. But with faces like that, you can't be annoyed.

Brown-Spotted Baby

Those ears! This little donkey was born just in time for Mother's Day and wasted no time getting up to explore.

Itty Bitty Kids

Baby goats you can hold in the palm of your hand? It can't get any cuter than these spring kiddos.

Pink Piglet

Who's that peeking out from behind Mom? Baby Pansy the piglet is getting curious about the world around her.

Blue-Eyed Baby Cow

With the black-and-white pattern and baby blue eyes, we've never seen a more picture-perfect calf. It looks like he's still getting used to his legs!

Twin Goats

Ryder and Cocoa are the newest twins on the farm, and we've got it baaaaad for these cuties. Mama Clover's got her hands full with these kids.

Fresh from the Shell

Hello, world! This hatchling is making his grand entrance—and looking adorable while doing it.

Highland Calf

Look at this wee Scottish lad! It's only a matter of time before he grows out the characteristic shaggy hairdo Highland cows are known for.

A Filly Who's All Legs

Legs for days! She's fresh out of the oven and taking in the world.

A Chick With Style

Two words: head feathers. This little chick's hairdo is a thing of envy, especially with her gorgeous gray coloring. She's basically a fashion model in the making.