These 14 Dogs Are All of Us Savoring Our Last Few Days at the Lake

Why is their Insta game better than ours?

dogs savoring last days of summer at the lake
Photo: Courtesy of the.pointer.and.the.hound / Instagram

We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but summer is almost over. It may have breezed by, but there's still time to squeeze in a few more weeks in the sun. While us humans may be soaking in the last rays of sunshine, we aren't the only ones. Our dogs have also had the time of their lives this summer and aren't ready for it to be over just yet.

The thing they'll miss most about warm weather: lake days. We're talking boat rides, dock diving, and who could forget playing fetch in the water. Luckily for you, we've scoured Instagram for the cutest pictures of pups enjoying all of these summer activities. Here are 14 snaps of adorable dogs who are soaking up their last few #lakelife days before cooler weather rolls in.


Looks like Libra knows how to make an entrance (and a big splash). This action shot is so cool it almost has us forgetting about that wet dog smell. Somebody's gonna need a nice bath to wash out all the Greers Ferry Lake water.

"Three Pawmigos"

Emerson, Sampson, and Sophie are three peas in a puppy pod. We don't know which view is better, the one of them or of those gorgeous McCall, Idaho mountains behind them. This trio looks a bit too tiny to be mountain dogs, but a swim in the lake will do just fine.

Carlton and River

"Iceberg straight ahead!" OK, Carlton may be nicknamed the Polar Bear, but we doubt there are any ice caps floating on this Ontario lake right now. But what do we know?! We just look at pictures of cute dogs on Instagram all day.

Suited Up

"Come on, throw the ball already!" Patience, puppers. Not until we make sure your doggie life jackets are securely fastened. Sedona and Boomer look darling in orange, but Cooper is a real stand-out in his pretty pink vest. It's too bad dogs can't see those colors, but they can still see that gorgeous blue Lake of the Ozarks water!

Brody and Sugar

Brody and Sugar are sweet as can be wrapped in their little towels. From the look at those squinty little eyes, those are the faces of two dogs that are puppered out after a day on the boat. That boat ride on Hudson Lake really did a number on these pups!

Dream Come True

Have you ever seen a dog as excited as Quba is to be at the Lake Winnipesaukee? The vertical ears, the panting mouth, I mean come on. Even if you have, there's no denying this proud pooch is living his absolute best life. Don't rub it in, Quba, we wish we had moved to New Hampshire for the summer, too.

Shark in the Water

Kopa's life jacket has the Jaws theme circling in our head. It's pretty fitting given that baby sharks are called pups. That being said, we're a lot less intimidated by this adventurous doodle, especially given he's a therapy dog.

Lake Legs

English bulldogs are notoriously bad swimmers, since their flat noses mean they have trouble breathing when they're in the water. A life jacket is a must-have for pups like Angus here, though he seems quite content to simply rest on the deck of this Chicago boat. This city pup has definitely earned his lake legs, even if he spends most of the day laying on them.

Just Keep Swimming

A far cry from the lounge-lizard bulldog above, pups like Remi and Kota—two athletic chocolate labs—are built to swim and love the water! These two look like they're on a stick retrieving mission at New Melones Lake. Labradors may make excellent swimmers, but we're glad they came prepared with puppy life jackets either way. This duo is basically unstoppable now.

Puppies' First Boat Ride

Obi and Blaze had quite the milestone: their first ever boat ride! Lake Purdy in Alabama looks like a pretty swell place to try new things. Even though they have life jackets, any pup could stand to benefit from doggie swimming lessons, this duo included.

Jiya the "Jolly Beauty"

Jiya, known as the "jolly beauty" to their Instagram fans, proves that rescue dogs are incredibly photogenic... though we already knew that. The view is almost as pretty as she is (emphasis on the almost). Careful, Jiya! Light-coated dogs are the most prone to sunburns. Make sure you show off those model looks in the shade, too.

Shaggy Dogs

Gus and Ned sure are shaggy, we can barely see anything besides those beautiful chocolate noses! Even though they're covered all over, any pup could still stand to benefit from a little dog sunscreen on the tips of their nose and other exposed skin spots during a day at the lake.

Boat Hair Don't Care

Head out the car window's got nothin' on a head out the boat! Oxford the labradoodle is living his best life on the open water. We're guessing this natural lake pooch never wants to return to land again. Apparently hanging out at Corey Lake is his favorite activity, and with views like that, we can see why.

Don't Be Koi

"One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish." Screw counting sheep, these miniature schnauzers are busy counting fishies. Maybe they just want to be friends, but if they happen to get lucky and catch one, it is safe for dogs to eat fish, too. Good luck out there, guys!

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