What better way to get into the autumn mood than to bring your four-legged-friend to the local apple orchard or pumpkin patch? Plus, it's the paw-fect photo opportunity!
dog in apple orchard
Credit: Diana Löffler / EyeEm / Getty

We've still got a few more weeks left of fall, and that means more time to indulge in those classic autumnal activities—apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and trips to Starbs for a PSL (don't forget the puppuccino). If you're a mom-ager of your dog's Instagram account, you know how crucial it can be to capture the perfect seasonal snap. Your feed went from dogs in Halloween costumes to #fallvibes real quick, and you can't let Fido fall behind!

If your pooch is up for the adventure, head to your nearest apple orchard or pumpkin patch while autumn is still in full swing. The clock is ticking as we inch closer to winter weather and leaves start to fall, but even a simple walk in the crisp air around your neighborhood can produce some festive seasonal photos your social media fans will adore. Keep scrolling for our favorite pooches who are fully embracing those fall vibes, cable knit sweaters and all.


This pomeranian poodle mix sure knows how to have fun at the pumpkin farm: find the mud, and frolick to your heart's content! Even with muddy paws, Peanut looks dapper in his burnt orange knit sweater.


That moment you realize the apple orchard is not where balls grow on trees... Still, the apples are pretty tasty. Harley the golden retriever enjoyed chasing the "balls" all over the orchard (and of course, stopping for a quick photoshoot).


"Be-leaf in yourself" says Ember the toy Aussie. We love the fact that her fur fits right in with the autumn aesthetic. Orange is totally her color.


Willow is a mini goldendoodle with a very extensive closet. Pumpkin patch cutie? We can't argue with that! Especially with the festive bow and smile to match.


Between her glossy black coat and proud smile, Widge is the apple of our eye. This Instagram account is dedicated to four black dog siblings who love to adventure outdoors.

Echo & Sol

Name a more iconic duo, we'll wait ... Echo and Sol are border collie brothers who train in agility competitions. No surprise here, because border collies are known for their intelligence and speed.


Eywa took a walk in the autumn leaves sporting one of fall's favorite fashions: a turtleneck sweater. Her tiny size doesn't keep her warm, so just like any Chihuahua, she appreciates the extra warmth she gets from being dressed up in a sweater or coat.


Could a pup possibly get any happier? Kiki the husky's parents decided to pull her around the orchard in a wagon, and Kiki ended up sampling every apple they picked. She's so cute, we wouldn't even mind.


Looking at this patch of pumpkins, one looks different from the others ... And by different, we mean fluffier, cuddlier, and 100 percent cuter. Daphne the Pomeranian mix is giving us all the #autumnvibes with her orange pumpkin shirt.


After pumpkin patches and apple orchards, jumping in a pile of leaves is next on our fall checklist. It appears Kruger the German shepherd has already crossed it off his list during a walk in the local park.


An apple a day keeps the ... veterinarian away? All jokes aside, apples in small amounts are generally healthy for your pup to consume—they're packed with fiber, which dogs need, just like humans. As with any new food, be sure to introduce it slowly to your dog and in bite-sized pieces.


This gorgeous Dalmatian sure knows how to strike a pose. At three years old, Loki is already a perfect model for his photographer mama. We can't wait to see what other holiday photos he has in store.


Wall-e is an aspiring therapy dog who loves finding new sticks on every adventure. Those hazel eyes have us dreaming of crunchy fall leaves on a morning autumn walk.