Dog Nutrition & Diet

Dogs need their owners to feed them properly to stay healthy and live long lives. While it can be tempting to give treats to your very good boy, it's important to understand portion control, dog nutrition, and best practices to incorporate wholesome foods in your dog's diet.

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Are Potatoes Good for Dogs?

It doesn’t matter what it is: whatever you’re eating, your pup thinks he needs it, too! But if you have potatoes on your plate, think twice before giving him a bite.

Can Dogs Eat Corn Safely?

Corn is a staple in so many dishes that it’s an integral part of most American diets. But can your dog enjoy some delicious kernels as well, or should the only corn dogs be the ones dipped in batter?

What Happens If Your Dog Eats Marshmallows?

Marshmallows are essential in s’mores, hot chocolate, and many sweet treats—but can dogs enjoy them, too? We talked to an expert to find out.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

Turkey is a common main course for American families on Thanksgiving and Christmas. And while the bird is touted as a low fat protein for people, the answer is not so simple for our furry friends.

Pumpkin Seeds: Good Dog Treat, or Unsafe to Eat?

We asked a veterinary toxicologist to find out if there are any benefits to feeding your dog these vitamin-packed seeds.

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