Dog Nutrition & Diet

Dogs need their owners to feed them properly to stay healthy and live long lives. While it can be tempting to give treats to your very good boy, it's important to understand portion control, dog nutrition, and best practices to incorporate wholesome foods in your dog's diet.


Just How Fast Will Your Puppy Grow & When Will He Stop?

When you first see a newborn puppy, it’s really hard to believe that in a matter of months, this tiny lump of puppy will soon grow almost as large as its parents. When will your puppy stop growing? Here’s what to expect.

5 Things Your Vet Wishes You Were Already Doing for Your Dog

As much as our vets like us—and our dogs—sometimes they’d be OK not to see us quite as often. These vet-recommended best practices can help you avoid the time and expense of preventable visits and be a better partner in your dog’s overall health. 

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp Safely If It's Cooked?

Shrimp isn't necessarily a danger for dogs, but how you cook it, how much you feed, and your dog's own health may play a role, according to veterinarians.

More Dog Nutrition & Diet

Should You Give Dogs Rib Bones to Snack On?

Does your dog have her eyes on those rib bones sitting on your plate? You may want to reconsider before sharing your leftovers.