For your very own Diamond Dog.
Jason Sudeikis speaks to audience while dressed as Ted Lasso
Credit: Fernando Leon / Getty Images

Ted Lasso, Apple TV+'s Emmy-collecting hit show, is back for Season 3, so there's no better time for us to deliver some dog names the show inspires.

The show centers on an American football coach (Lasso, played by Jason Sudeikis) who moves to England to coach AFC Richmond, a fictional soccer club in the English Premier League. He's entirely out of his element, but his borderline-ridiculous optimism eventually wins over his team (and its owner). It's very funny and makes me smile. 

Plus, AFC Richmond is known as the Greyhounds. We really have no choice but to come up with the best dog names relating to the show, from the show's main protagonists to even the villains.     

Is your dog a straightforward-yet-kind boss? Rebecca. Is your dog the sweetest? Sam. Does your dog come back from the groomer with an alarming haircut? Jamie. Is your dog here, there, and every-(freaking)-where? Roy.

Here are 60 Ted Lasso dog names for all the Diamond Dogs—or cats for that matter—in your life:

If You Like the Main Gang

I was half-surprised to not see a name like Lasso hit the list of most popular dog names in 2022. These are each interesting characters who've grown season to season, and do you really want to pass up the chance to name your dog Higgins?   

  • Ted
  • Lasso
  • Rebecca
  • Beard
  • Keeley
  • Roy
  • Kent
  • Leslie
  • Higgins
  • Jamie
  • Tartt
  • Sam

If You'd Be an AFC Richmond Supporter in Real Life

You need 11 out on the pitch, not to mention the support staff and mental health professionals. (Side note: Fútbol is life!)  

  • Dani
  • Isaac
  • Theirry
  • Colin
  • Richard
  • Jan
  • Moe
  • Sharon
  • Trent
  • Will
  • Nigel

If You Love West Ham United (and Villains)

We can get Nate the Great back—if it's not too late. 

  • Nate
  • Rupert 
  • Bex

If You'd Like To Watch the Match at the Pub

If you can't get a ticket at Nelson Road, The Crown and Anchor seems like the place to be on matchday. 

  • Mae
  • Baz
  • Jeremy
  • Paul

If You Want To Name Your Dog After the Greyhounds' Greyhound

The team's mascot is a very good boy, but his prey drive unfortunately gets him into a bit of trouble.

  • Earl

If You Hope To See More of These Characters in Season 3

I personally enjoy episodes featuring Phoebe, Kent's ice cream-loving niece who maybe swears a bit too much. 

  • Phoebe
  • Flo (or Sassy)
  • Nora
  • Jane
  • Bowen

If You Love the Actors More Than Who They Play on Screen

Maybe you're a big Hannah Waddingham fan, or maybe you're like me and prefer to think of Anthony Stewart Head as Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer rather than the despicable Rupert. 

  • Jason
  • Hannah
  • Brett
  • Brendan
  • Nick
  • Phil
  • Juno
  • Jeremy
  • Toheeb
  • Anthony
  • Kola
  • Cristo  

If You Want To Get Creative

Some Ted Lasso-related places and things can make good dog names—I think? 

  • Believe
  • Bant(e)r
  • Prem
  • Richmond
  • Nelson
  • Wembley
  • Diamond 

If You're a Fan of a Real Premier League Club

Back in 2021, Ted Lasso reached a licensing agreement with the Premier League, so viewers this season will get to see their favorite English teams in their proper kits. 

  • Chelsea
  • Crystal
  • Spur
  • Gunner
  • Aston