For those wondering how to name their dog after Alexander Skarsgård's character. That's gotta be someone, right?
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Succession, the very good show about very bad people, is back this weekend, and we wanted to get in on the previewing fun, too. So we came up with the best Succession-related dog names.

The HBO show returns for its final season Sunday, the beginning of the end of our journey to see which child—if any—succeeds Logan Roy (Brian Cox) and helms the scandal-plagued Waystar Royco consortium.

This dark comedy has it all—repeated, viscous backstabbing, ill-advised texts, stunning vistas, grim-yet-fancy weddings—but its finest resource is the characters. They're each silly, attention-seeking, and obsessed with a father figure. Sure sounds like a Labrador or two we know. 

An aside: I would've loved to curate some names based on quotes from the show, but they are basically all profane and very weird. (Example: Almost everything Tom Wambsgans says and does.) Stick to naming your pet after the characters instead.   

Roy Family Dog Names

Perfect for your No. 1 boy (or girl). 

  • Logan
  • Kendall
  • Roman
  • Siobhan (Shiv)
  • Connor

Dog Names for Everyone's Favorite Succession Characters

If you get two puppies or adopt a pair of dogs at the same time, you pretty much have to name them after everyone's favorite Succession couple.  

  • Tom
  • Greg

Waystar Royco Dog Names

The top brass advises Logan on increasingly wild acquisitions and crises. They're often told to "[Buzz] off."  

  • Gerri
  • Hugo
  • Frank
  • Karl
  • Karolina
  • Kerry
  • Jess
  • Cyd

Shareholders, Rivals, and Partners

At different points in the series, these characters can fit all three descriptions.

  • Sandy
  • Stewy
  • Nan
  • Rhea
  • Gil
  • Jamie
  • Comfry
  • Lukas

More Roys and Near-Roys

This is when I realized this show has so many dang people in it. But if you want to name your dog after one of Kendall's kids, here's your chance! 

  • Willa
  • Marcia
  • Ewan
  • Sophie
  • Iverson
  • Rava
  • Lady Caroline
  • Naomi

Names of Actors Who Work on Succession

Aka people who are really good at their jobs. The show wouldn't be nearly as captivating without them. 

  • Brian
  • Jeremy
  • Kieran
  • Sarah
  • Alan
  • Matthew
  • Nicholas
  • Justine
  • Alexander