McRib does have a nice ring to it.
a black, tan, and white dog with large ears smiles at camera with tongue out the side
Credit: TheDogPhotographer / Getty Images

There's a lot of funny pet names out there—but this pet insurance company may have found the strangest names ever.

Figo Pet Insurance posted the first video in its "best pet names" TikTok series back in January. Since then, the videos have blown up, with pet parents across the internet getting a kick out of these hilarious and weird names employees have stumbled upon in Figo's database.

The TikTok series currently includes four parts, with the second video seeing the most success, hitting 7.7 million views and over 781,000 likes. That's probably because it features some truly bizarre pet names, including names like "Car Seat French Fry," "Mr. Ugly," and "Lotion." 

And those don't include some of our other favorites: 

  • Big Dave
  • Goblin King
  • Guts
  • Detective Johan Von Gohan
  • Long Division
  • Big Head
  • Louis the XIV the Dancing King of France
  • Tate R. Tot 
  • Duck Muscles
  • Soup

Vanessa Yeh, head of marketing at Figo Pet Insurance, says the marketing team's interest in human baby name videos sparked the idea for the TikTok series. 

"In many ways having a pet is like having a kid," Yeh tells Daily Paws. "So we thought it would be fun to highlight the names we see from our customers that are the most unique."

Yeh says Figo puts out the most popular names from their database every year, and it's always a huge hit. So, why not do the opposite and showcase names on the other end of the spectrum?

"Generally I think the team was just inspired by the creativity of our customers, and people come up with the best stuff, right? From McRib to nostalgic names like Topanga if you're a '90s kid, I think we just wanted to show our audience some of our favorites," Yeh says.

Yeh's personal favorite name, which makes an appearance in the viral second video, is HOME DEPOT in all caps. "I literally laughed out loud for like five minutes straight," Yeh says.