Is your Pomeranian in need of a new ‘do? Here are some options and grooming advice from an expert.
groomed Pomeranian wearing collar and tie
Credit: Chuck Mooradian / EyeEm / Getty

Pomeranians are adorable, pint-sized fluff balls filled with energy and spunk. They are the smallest of the spitz—AKA Nordic—breed and sport not one coat, but two! While that may sound like extra work for you when it comes to grooming, a Pomeranian's fur is actually quite easy to maintain. And the best part about it is all the fun hairstyles your Pom can rock!

Not sure which haircut style best suits your Pomeranian? That's OK. A long, thick coat gives your Pom the chance to try a number of haircut options, ranging from cute and cuddly to bold and fierce.

Teddy Bear Cut

Transform your Pom into a real-life teddy bear with this cute cut. The teddy bear cut gives your pooch a rounded face and ears for an extra cuddly appearance. Because the emphasis is more so on your dog's face, you can get Fido's coat cut to whatever length appropriate for the weather.

Lion Cut

Hear your pint-sized Pomeranian roar with the adventurous lion cut. With this look, the fur on your dog's head, neck, chest, and front legs are kept long (like a lion) and the fur on his body, belly, back, hind legs, and tail are closely shaved. Your Pomeranian will likely need doggie sunscreen or a sweater on if exposed to the heat or cold with this haircut.

Puppy Cut

It's easy to see why one of the most popular Pomeranian haircuts is the puppy cut. This haircut is not only cute but also fitting for active Pomeranians who want to enjoy the sunshine. The puppy cut, similar to the teddy bear cut, involves cutting the fur at a uniform length all over, but without the look of a rounded face like the teddy bear option.

Fox Cut

The adorable fox cut will have passersby doing double takes to see if you're walking a Pomeranian or a real fox. The fox cut focuses on giving your Pomeranian a pointier face and ears by cutting them in a triangular fashion. The rest of the fur on the body is cut shorter, and the tail is as wild-looking as a fox's.

Lamb Cut

Want a simple, low maintenance haircut for your Pom? The lamb cut is a great option that is not only simple but also makes your sweet pooch look like a soft lamb! This cut accentuates your Pomeranian's face by giving him more pointed-looking ears and a distinct muzzle.

Kennel Cut

If you're looking for a low maintenance haircut for your Pom, the kennel cut is the way to go. This hairstyle keeps your dog's fur at a manageable length, so you can choose as long or short as you'd like. You could try starting with a longer length to see how easy it is to maintain then cutting shorter if necessary.

How Often Should a Pomeranian Be Groomed?

With fur as fluffy as a Pomeranian's, the question of how many visits you and your pooch will be making to the groomer is bound to cross your mind.

"Every dog with anything besides a smooth coat should be groomed on the average of four to six weeks at a minimum," says Ani Corless, owner of Luxury Groomer in NYC.

Corless recommends this time frame because of the cycle of hair growth and for basic health. "They will need their sanitary areas trimmed for cleanliness, [and] the hair in their paw pads trimmed out to prevent slipping and knots forming like little pebbles hidden in there," she adds.

Another reason Corless suggests staying on top of your Pomeranian's grooming, especially in the summer: pesky pests. The grooming and bathing process gives you or your groomer the chance to fully inspect your dog's skin and properly remove any ticks or other parasites if necessary.

Pomeranian Haircuts for Summer vs. Winter

Like many spitz dogs, Pomeranians have a double coat—an undercoat to act as insulation to keep them warm and a top coat to protect the undercoat and skin from weather conditions.

This means it's important to avoid shaving your Pomeranian in the summertime. Corless says they need the bulk of their fur so their body temperature stays regulated.

"If you cut it too short, you compromise that insulation layer and the dog will actually overheat," she says. "They are also prone to something called shave alopecia. This is when permanent hair loss occurs as a result of shaving the hair close."

Prioritizing your Pomeranian's coat and skin maintenance will ensure your fluffy friend can safely sport any kind of haircut. If you go with a shorter haircut for your Pom, keep the coat and skin moisturized and sun protected to avoid any sun damage.

"For the winter, you can choose to leave dogs' hair longer and be more creative with their haircuts," Corless says. "The same moisturizing is good with dry air, and watch out for wet weather matting up their coat. Otherwise, brush, brush, brush your dog."

With so many Pomeranian haircuts to choose from, feel free to ask your groomer just which one would best suit your Pom's personality. And remember to have fun with it!