Your little one will love *all* the attention she gets with these haircuts!
Close up of white morkie with grass background
Credit: Kelly Furgeson / EyeEm / Getty

With parent breeds as playful as the Maltese and loyal as the Yorkshire terrier, the Morkie is sure to melt your heart in an instant. A small dog with a big personality, the Morkie is energetic, tenacious, tenderhearted … and totally cute as a button!

Though the Morkie be but little, she is fierce—in both personality and looks. These tiny pups typically have long, luscious coats but often rock short haircuts too. Their coloring consists of shades like white, golden, brown, black, or a combination of colors. Those with allergies will also appreciate Morkies are considered to be a low-allergen dog. (As if you needed any more of a reason to love these pint-sized cuties!)

Have a special Morkie in your life? We've rounded up the best Morkie haircuts for you to try so your BFF can step out in style and get all the attention she loves and rightfully deserves.

4 Best Morkie Haircut Ideas

1. Teddy Bear Cut

Toy breeds, such as Morkies, look a lot like—well, toys! So, what better way to break the cuteness scale than with a look as wholesome and precious as a stuffed animal? Specifically, a teddy bear.

"This is a great style if your Morkie has a round face shape," says groomer Sarah Metzger, grooming manager at Morris Animal Inn in Morristown, N.J.

Metzger describes the teddy bear cut as a longer style haircut "with a cute fluffy, round head." Your Morkie's body hair length is medium to long, while her face and ears are scissored round for that extra cute teddy bear look.

2. Puppy Cut

Perhaps the most popular Morkie hairstyle is the puppy cut. And it's easy to see why. It's as adorable as it is functional! This haircut is one length all over, all depending on the pet parent's preference.

"It [the puppy cut] takes the same length off the body all over and makes them look like a little puppy all over again!" Metzger says. "It is also easy maintenance if you decide to go with a shorter length."

3. Bell-Bottoms

Give your Morkie a totally far out '70s look with their very own bell bottoms haircut. This haircut is an Asian Fusion style groom that is bound to turn heads—and tails.

"This is a cute style if you like some flare," Metzger says. "It's a style that keeps the body at a short length and flares the legs out to a longer length, giving the full effect of bell bottoms!"

4. Ears

We can't help but "aw" at the sight of those furry, little ears. Morkies' ears can either be pointed or floppy depending on which parent they take after. No matter which, your groomer can help you choose a look that best suits your furry friend.

"Surprisingly, the ears can be a key factor in the best style for your Morkie," Metzger says. "Because they are a mix of Yorkie and Maltese, Morkies have all different kinds of ears. Sometimes it's best to leave them long, sometimes short, and other times, shaving them to look like babies!"

How to Groom a Morkie at Home in Between Groomer Appointments

When it comes to grooming your Morkie at home, there are a few ways you can easily maintain your precious pal's coat at home, like brushing every day and bathing once a week. (The frequency may vary depending on your Morkie's hair length.)

But before you get started, Metzger recommends chatting with your professional groomer to get pointers on the proper grooming tools and techniques for your Morkie.

"The best tips for taking care of your Morkie at home include talking to your groomer about the proper brush, combs, and products to use at home," she says. "They are not one size fits all, and your groomer will be able to help lead you in the right direction. They can also assist you in demonstrating the best way to brush your dog."

Metzger's biggest tip for pet parents? Put the scissors down.

"Sometimes pet parents want to cut those knots out themselves or trim their eyes. This can be extremely dangerous and is best left to the professionals," she says. If your Morkie's hair is too long, try tying it up or pinning it back to prevent it from falling into her eyes until you can get to the groomer.

Since Morkies are a hybrid breed, they may have dominant genes from their Maltese parent or Yorkie parent, resulting in various sizes, shapes, and appearances. This, Metzger says, "plays a huge role in what style will look best."

"We recommend bringing in a picture of a particular haircut you like, but if it isn't a photo of your dog, make sure it is a dog that looks like your breed," she says. "Be sure to communicate with and trust your groomer. We can help pet parents decide the best look for their Morkies depending on their shape and structure!"