Prepare for your goldendoodle to steal everyone's hearts with these cute haircuts.

You get the best of both breeds with a goldendoodle. This golden retriever and poodle mix is playful, friendly, and intelligent. These dogs have an adorable appearance to match their lovable personality and can be recognized instantly because of their curly coat. His thick, luscious locks make it possible to try countless goldendoodle haircuts!

When we think of goldendoodles, we often imagine a gold, curly-haired cutie. However, goldendoodles' coats can be curly, wavy, or straight and appear in an array of colors including brown, cream, red, black, or white. A goldendoodle's parents are going to impact the pup's coat. For example, a F1 goldendoodle with one pure bred poodle parent and one pure bred golden retriever parent could be more of a surprise when it comes to coat texture. Goldendoodles that are 75 percent poodle and 25 percent golden retriever, also known as F1B goldendoodles, tend to inherit that curly poodle coat we're used to associating with this mixed breed.

Goldendoodle with a puppy cut
Credit: Courtesy of lifeof.goldie / Instagram

Goldendoodles of all parentage have double coats, meaning they'll need to be brushed daily; that is, unless they have a straight coat or short haircut! Their coats are typically low-allergen compared to other dog breeds in that their hair doesn't shed much. However, all dogs still produce some dander, so allergy sufferers should talk with their doctor before setting their sights on adopting a goldendoodle for that reason alone.

5 Best Goldendoodle Haircut Ideas

Put the "'do" in "goldendoodle" with our top styles to show your groomer!

1. Teddy Bear Cut

Get your doodle a teddy bear cut and watch him break the cuteness scale.

Deemed the most popular goldendoodle style by Danna Alexander, professional groomer and owner of Prestige Dog Grooming School, the teddy bear cut gives your dog cuddly, rounded features. It is accomplished by cutting "rounded ears, rounded facial features, and a soft, fluffy look with rounded paws and a polished overall finish," Alexander tells Daily Paws.

The teddy bear cut can range from 0.5–2 inches in length. An experienced dog groomer may use a fully hand-scissored technique for this cut that would offer longer options anywhere from 3–6 inches.

While this cut is precious, Alexander mentions it is "very high maintenance" and requires a lot of skill to execute. "A goldendoodle owner needs to be prepared to stick to a strict daily brushing routine and a minimum monthly grooming schedule," she says. "The longer the length, the more frequently the pup will need to see the groomer and the more expensive the style will cost."

2. Summer Cut

Looking for an easy, maintainable 'do for your goldendoodle? The summer cut is a great option to consider!

The summer cut—or kennel cut—is a short, clippered hairstyle that is typically between a few millimeters up to about a quarter of an inch in length.

"Many owners love this style because it saves them time and money," Alexander says. "This style also is suited for active families who love to enjoy water and a lot of outdoor activities with their doodles, or simply families who need a low maintenance option."

If you'd like to create the perfect combination of adorable and practical for your goldendoodle's look, Alexander says you can opt for a teddy bear cut on your pup's face and a summer cut on her body.

3. Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is a haristyle that has various meanings and interpretations. For some, it may mean cutting your dog's hair one length all over. (However, these lengths can often differ among professional dog groomers, ranging between 0.5–2 inches.) And for others, a "puppy cut" may be defined as simply making your dog look like a puppy.

For Alexander, the puppy cut refers to a puppy's first time grooming. This is where your young goldendoodle will be introduced to the new sounds and sensations of grooming, preparing them for a full haircut in the future.

"The groomer will bathe, blow dry, and brush out the puppy," Alexander explains. "The groomer will then lightly trim the feet, sanitary areas, and the face of the puppy to help the puppy get used to all the tools and processes without overwhelming them the first time."

Alexander stresses the importance of trusting your groomer and allowing them to take all the time needed for your pup to adjust during their appointment. "Bring many pictures of future styles you like and communicate well with your groomer!" she says. "Grooming is an art form, so let your groomer know what you do and do not like."

4. Lion Cut

If your goldendoodle has an apricot or tan colored coat, this cut will surely turn heads! Characterized by a teddy bear style front end, a shaved rear end behind the ribs, and a pom-pom on the tip of the tail, the lion cut gives your sweet goldendoodle the appearance of a fierce lion.

Alexander mentions the lion cut is a specialty style that requires medium maintenance and should be completed by an experienced groomer.

5. Lamb Cut

No matter if your goldendoodle's fleece is white as snow, the lamb cut is an adorable style for all goldendoodles alike.

With a lamb cut, groomers leave the length on the legs longer than the length on the body. "This is often done to make the dog look more proportionate and more rounded than one length all over," Alexander says.

This cut can be however long or short you prefer. Alexander says that more maintenance is needed the longer the cut, which means your goldendoodle will need to be groomed more frequently.

How Often Should a Goldendoodle Be Groomed?

Goldendoodles have beautiful, diverse coats that require consistent grooming so they can look and feel their best.

"A goldendoodle should be groomed a minimum of every 4–6 weeks," Alexander says. "Eight weeks can work for goldendoodles getting shorter haircut styles. Very long specialty styles, however, could even require weekly grooming appointments!"

Alexander encourages communicating with your groomer to find the best style that fits your preference, budget, and lifestyle.

How to Maintain a Goldendoodle's Hair at Home

In between grooming appointments and want to make sure your dog's coat stays healthy? With the right routines, grooming products, and resources, you can easily maintain your goldendoodle's hair at home!

Alexander recommends brushing your curly-coated canine every day to prevent uncomfortable mats and knots. She also suggests feeding a high-quality food brand and using professional pet shampoos and conditioners when bathing your dog to keep the coat hydrated and healthy.

When in doubt, choose a simple haircut for your precious goldendoodle to cut back on at-home maintenance.