Dog Grooming

Proper grooming is an important part of maintaining your dog's overall health, but it can get expensive over time. If you're tired of taking your pet to the groomer, check out tips and techniques for how to groom your dog yourself and keep her looking pawsome.

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10 Simple Steps to a Clean Dog

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Here’s How Often You Should Be Washing Your Dog

You know your dog needs frequent baths, but how often is “frequent” exactly? Here's how to craft a bathing schedule fit for your pup.

6 Vet-Approved Tips for Cleaning Your Dog's Ears

A DIY approach to ear cleaning can be cost-effective as well as kind. Here’s how to master the process.

Vet-Approved Methods for Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

From the right tools to use to how to make teeth brushing more enjoyable, here are top tips from two veterinarians on how to brush your dog’s teeth.

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