When you fall in love with all the lap-lovin’ poochies on this list, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

It's easy to shimmy with delight when you spot a fluffy sweet-faced shih tzu rollicking toward you for cuddles. There might also be squeals of glee. In fact, we're almost certain of it! So just imagine the double dose of snuggly goodness shih tzu mixes have to offer, as each pet parent is more adorable than the next.

Shih tzus are: cute—check. Charming—check check. Loyal—all the checks! However, mixed breed dogs, sometimes called crossbreeds or hybrid breeds, can't be selected on these qualities alone. Your dedication to their health and wellbeing starts with digging up clues on both parent breeds.

pomeranian shih tzu mix sitting in a pile of leaves
Credit: Courtesy of lemony_cricket1513 / Instagram

Choosing the Right Shih Tzu Mix for Your Pet Pal

No matter how high crossbreeds rank on the adorable meter, you'll enjoy a more robust, happy pup for many years if you evaluate qualified breeders first for at least a couple of months before giving your heart away. Patrick Singletary, DVM, owns Good Dog Veterinary Care in Marietta, Ga. He tells Daily Paws this is especially true for hybrid breeds because they're in such high demand. "Responsible dog owners should also help prevent puppy mills by devoting copious time to researching the lines of the dogs they desire and interviewing the right breeder to work with," he says.

Additionally, arrange for a veterinary consultation prior to choosing your new pet to understand what dogs inherit from their parents. You know how important this is in your human family? It's exactly the same for dogs.

"When I'm talking to a client about what to watch for when their shih tzu mix grows up, I'm generally discussing both breeds with them," Singletary says. "We don't have a way to predict what genes will be passed along to the offspring." But if the pups below are any indication of the possibilities, we have high hopes!

Shih-poo (Shih Tzu Poodle Mix)

Blonde shih-poo with bright pink tongue lays in grass
Sandy shih-poo with underbite stands near fence
Left: Shih-poos are active pups, but their little legs don't need a ton of exercise. He'll love daily walks or trips to the dog park, but if you go on a long hike you'll probably be carrying him by the end. | Credit: noexcuseG / Shutterstock
Right: A Shih-poo loves to be the center of attention and shouldn't be left alone for long periods of time. He'll do best with an owner who's a homebody or who will take him along on errands or adventures. | Credit: Ricardo Ninin / Shutterstock

Poodles of all sizes are popular crossbreed parents because they might provide some hypoallergenic benefits. The gentle-natured shih-poo will likely receive other goodies from her toy poodle mom or pop, too: spunk and smarts top the list. While always willing to warm your lap, this pup also loves to frolic and tour the neighborhood.

ShiChi (Shih Tzu Chihuahua Mix)

Shichi, Shih Tzu Chihuahua mix, standing on front porch
Shichi, Shih Tzu, more Shih Tzu that Chihuahua, standing at window sill
Left: Credit: Courtesy of princesspollyolive / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of tobi.biskit / Instagram

Want to be simply adored by your dog? A shichi will excel in that role for a long time, as both shih tzus and Chihuahuas are some of the longest-living dog breeds: 10–18 years! Honestly, we're not sure if even that's enough time to enjoy all a shichi's cheeky personality, contagious verve, and repeated wins at puzzle games.

Shorkie (Shih Tzu Yorkie Mix)

Shorkie laying on couch
shorkie wearing a halloween bandana
Left: Credit: Courtesy of daisy.maetheshorkie / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of brutustheshorkie / Instagram

Shorkies are huggable fluffball offspring of Yorkshire terriers and shih tzus. Like most toy dog breeds, they're completely captivating, ready in an instant with playful antics and spirited attention. 'Tho the shorkie be tiny, she be mighty, so keep her engaged with positive reinforcement training to enhance her best qualities and make her feel secure.

Malshi (Maltese Shih Tzu Mix)

black and white malshi wearing a blue cactus bandana
maltese shih tzu mix lying on bed
Left: Credit: Courtesy of dash.daisy_malshi / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of obi_wonton_cutenob / Instagram

A Malshi is truly a people-pleasin' pup, accustomed to the adoration of ancient Greeks from the Maltese branch of his family tree and Chinese emperors from the other. Doting and perky, his overflowing bucket of puppy love extends to children, retirees—even cats! Although he's low-shedding, you'll want to brush his silky fur daily.

Shiranian (Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix)

pomeranian shih tzu mix sitting in a pile of leaves
pomeranian shih tzu mix lying on a couch
Left: Credit: Courtesy of lemony_cricket1513 / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of goodboylouie / Instagram

The Pomeranian shih tzu mix has numerous nom de plumes, such as shiranian, shihpom, and our favorite, Pomtzu. Confident and alert, these joyful pixies relish showing off dog toys and sashaying down the sidewalk in snazzy sweaters. They also appreciate some quiet time (as long as you're not too far away) to nap in the sun.

Zuchon (Shih Tzu Bichon Frise Mix)

zuchon dog standing on a tree stump
shih tzu bichon frise mix lying on carpet
Left: Credit: Courtesy of run.ralphi.run / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of murphy_shichon / Instagram

It's unlikely you'll ever want to be anywhere without your affectionate zuchon (also called a shichon), and that suits her fine. This silly love muppet with Bichon Frise genes is the perfect dog for apartment dwellers and never runs out of kisses. But she's zippy! Make sure to play in a fenced-in yard so she doesn't scamper off.

Pug-Zu (Shih Tzu Pug Mix)

pug zu sitting by a fireplace
profile of a black and white pug shih tzu mix
Left: Credit: Courtesy of blair_the_pugzu / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of tedthebestboy / Instagram

An impish little spark plug, the pug-zu or shug might be the rebel of small dogs (is there such a thing?) as charming pugs will do anything to get your attention. While they don't need a lot of exercise, keep them entertained with interactive toys. Also ask your vet for a plan to ensure the best health for this special brachycephalic breed.

Schnau-Tzu (Schnauzer Shih Tzu Mix)

fuzzy gray schnauzer shih tzu mix
schnau-tzu dog wearing a birthday bandana
Left: Credit: Courtesy of sora_theschnautzu / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of fabiogerken / Instagram

Don't let those 'old man' whiskers around a totally boopable snout fool you: the heart of a schnau-tzu is lively and ready for action! Experienced dog owners appreciate the brilliance of miniature schnauzers and understand why their descendants need a good romp and engaging tricks each day. But of course there will be snuggles later.

Schweenie (Shih Tzu Dachshund Mix)

dachshund shih tzu mix with fuzzy ears sitting in the grass
fuzzy schweenie standing on a tree stump
Left: Credit: Courtesy of mollytheschweenie / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of dirkjantreffers / Instagram

Sound the alarm—oh wait, the vigilant dachshund will do it for you! Yes, they often bark to notify you about a person at the door or a leaf on the patio, so your sweet and frisky schweenie might be a bit vocal, too. But they're quick to pick up desired behaviors when you train them with treats, and never hesitate to share devotion with everyone they meet.

Havashu (Havanese Shih Tzu Mix)

two havashu dogs standing on wood floor
havanese shih tzu mix sitting on a porch with her tongue out
Left: Credit: Courtesy of weezy.biggie / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of ellie.the.havashu / Instagram

The lovely Cuban Havanese is the cover model for glamorous long-haired dog breeds, so you, your Havashu, and your groomer will become great friends! She's also an ideal choice for a therapy dog, as her bright mind, attentiveness, and sensitive nature seem to be a terrific doggie antidote for ailing humans.