From the schnoodle to the snorkie, these zippy crossbreeds dazzle everyone they meet with their intelligence and charm.
Chizer with tennis ball in his mouth
Credit: Courtesy of garythegrumpkin / Instagram

For versatility, charisma, and style, it's hard to match a schnauzer. Whether you choose a giant, standard, or miniature, these doggos are constant favorites because they're so gentle and friendly. For experienced dog owners who love to consistently train their canine pals, the amazing schnauzer is an absolute joy, offering incredible intelligence and attention—even if you have to persuade them to participate from time to time! It's no wonder schnauzer mixes are also popular pet choices.

Choosing the Right Schnauzer Mix for You

Whenever you have your heart set on a mixed dog breed, it's important to assess the health, temperament, and characteristics of both pup parents. After all, no matter how much a schnauzer's bushy eyebrows delight you, there's no guarantee your crossbreed will inherit them! 

Patrick Singletary, DVM, owns Good Dog Veterinary Care in Marietta, Ga. He says there's really not a way to predict which genes are passed along to the offspring or which genes will be received from the other parent. "The basic concept of breeding and genetics is that the strongest traits (phenotype) from the bitch and sire will be passed onto the offspring," he says. "This is the theory of natural selection: survival of the fittest or the strongest individuals will survive longer and better." 

Generally, schnauzers' health issues vary by size. For example, miniatures are prone to diabetes, standards sometimes contract heart disease, and giants might have issues with hip and knee dysplasia. Partner with your veterinarian to create the best healthcare plan for your pup. 

Singletary adds that the first hybrid dog breed, the Labradoodle, was created in 1989 with Labrador retriever and poodle parents. The goal was to provide a relatively hypoallergenic guide dog. However, not every crossbreed has such a lofty purpose, so he recommends evaluating breeders carefully.

"Selecting any dog should be done over months to years, depending on the time someone has to devote to research and vetting a breeder," he says. "This is especially true for hybrid breeds because they're in such high demand, which leads to more breeders getting into the game—or higher prices." Thorough research also helps you avoid puppy mills

On average, schnauzers live 12–15 years, so as you consider the pooches below, just imagine the long-lasting fun you'll have!

Schnoodle (Schnauzer and Poodle Mix)

Blonde Schnoodle wearing an orange collar
Black and white schnoodle stands with front paws on concrete bench in park
Left: Credit: Courtesy of bellatheschnoodle2021 / Instagram
Right: Because their parent breeds come in a wide range of sizes, schnoodles can be anywhere from petite 5-pound pups to a whopping 70 pounds. | Credit: Danita Delimont / Getty

The name alone is worth celebrating—schnoodle! This schnauzer and poodle cross comes in all shapes and sizes since poodles have standard, miniature, and toy versions eager to play and be your best pal. Break out your largest basket of tricks, as this exceptional dog has a double-dose of brains and energy. Oh! And he's likely the ultimate contender for a canine that doesn't shed much, which gives allergy sufferers another reason to cheer.

Snorkie (Schnauzer and Yorkie Mix)

Snorkie, Schnauzer Yorkie mix, standing on rocks
Snorkie, Schnauzer Yorkie mix, laying on deck
Left: Credit: Courtesy of mistermilosnoot / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of fifthandmolly / Instagram

An adorable snorkie—sometimes referred to as schnorkie but not to be confused with a shorkie— blends the pluck and personality of her parents while still maintaining individuality. Yorkshire terriers have more oomph than most people realize, so don't be surprised if your snorkie inherited their tenacious traits and is an eager pup ready for many dates at the dog park.

Schnau-Tzu (Schnauzer and Shih Tzu Mix)

fuzzy gray schnauzer shih tzu mix
schnau-tzu dog wearing a birthday bandana
Left: Credit: Courtesy of sora_theschnautzu / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of fabiogerken / Instagram

If lazing about in a cuddle puddle is high on your list, a schnau-tzu is the pooch for you! Sweet-natured and dedicated, a shih tzu parent offers a longstanding history as companions to ancient Chinese royalty. One of many popular shih tzu mixes, your schnau-tzu puppy should get socialized right away so they can dazzle everyone around them with tremendous charm and good behavior.

Chizer (Schnauzer and Chihuahua Mix)

Chizer with pink mohawk
Chizer with tennis ball in his mouth
Left: Credit: Courtesy of chililovespepper / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of garythegrumpkin / Instagram

Up for a feisty schnauzer mix? You'll get all that and more with a Chizer! Also known as a schnauhuahua (so fun to say!), this fuzzy Chihuahua combo has more than a little sass to share, but she'll also be your number one fan. Some small dogs tend to bark a lot to show how ruff 'n tuff they are, but a Chizer is one smart cookie and responds well to consistent, positive-reinforcement based training cues.

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Miniature Schnoxie (Schnauzer and Dachshund Mix)

Blonde Schnoxie laying on grey blanket
Schnoxie on yellow pillow
Left: Credit: Courtesy of sobainthecity / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of oliver_the_grump / Instagram

With a schnoxie, you'll always have a hardworking, affectionate doggo by your side. Schnauzers got their name from the German word schnauze, which means muzzle or snout, and like their fellow Deutschland native the dachshund (or doxie), were once used to track down vermin. Nose work training would be the perfect activity to keep your family-friendly schnoxie engaged and anticipating the next adventure!

Schnauzer and Labrador Retriever Mix

Black Schnauzerlab laying on couch
Credit: Courtesy of flyingflappycow

Never mind the cluster of names to call these pups (Schnauzerlab! Labraschnauzer! Zertriever!). You can count on this handsome hybrid to be a super loyal companion. The Labrador has reigned as the most popular dog in the U.S. for more than 30 years, and we have no doubt his true-blue nature is one of many reasons why. If you wonder how much exercise this energetic dog needs, just go ahead and check "every day" on your to-do list! Add in a food puzzle, and your schnaulaber will be bouncy with delight. 

Mauzer (Maltese and Schnauzer Mix)

mauzer standing next to a pumpkin
mauzer sitting next to his mom on a leather chair
Left: Credit: Courtesy of lolathemauzer / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of charliethemauzer / Instagram

A Mauzer is a mushpuppet who's hard to resist! As with most Maltese mixes, pet parents are fond of these dogs' calm, never-ending devotion, which seems to be a common trait among the treasured Italian Maltese. Retirees and families with children who desire a cuddlesome chum will dote on this pooch, as her main source of entertainment and joy is to be with her people. She's no lazy bones, though! Her schnauzer heritage appreciates every opportunity to learn new tricks and walk the block.

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Schnug (Schnauzer and Pug Mix)

Shnug laying and tilting his head
Black Schnug lounging on chair
Left: Credit: Courtesy of link_the_schnug /Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of boomertheschnug / Instagram

Wouldn't you love to hug a schnug? Of course! In fact, your kids won't be able to get enough of him. A bit mischievous at times, you'll definitely stay on your toes with this guy, so keep the toys handy. This agreeable schnauzer mix might look more like his pug squished-face ancestors and thus, have some brachycephalic issues, so make sure to talk with your vet and your breeder about them first.  

Schnorgi (Corgi and Schnauzer Mix)

Schnorgi wearing leopard animal print shirt
Schnorgi smiling with tongue out
Left: Credit: Courtesy of baileytheschnorgi / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of roxytheschnorgi / Instagram

The sparky schnorgi is three parts working dog—her corgi parents are herders, after all—and seven parts fun! She might also inherit a little of that notorious schnauzer "human brain," which means she's likely smarter than both of us combined. Keep her in tip-top mental and physical shape with a backyard agility course—or maybe teach her to talk with buttons! Either way, the neighbors will be totally envious.

Schneagle (Schnauzer and Beagle Mix)

Schneagle in the mud
Schneagle on grass
Left: Credit: Courtesy rileytheschneagle / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of / Instagram

Beagles always lead the pack of best family dogs, so a faithful schneagle is bound to become the new favorite member of your household. Energetic and darling, this canine pal is up for doing just about anything with his humans: hiking, kayaking, even just a healthy game of fetch. When the day is done, you'll have to share some (okay, probably a lot!) of couch space, but it's an even exchange for sure.