Gentle, smart and affectionate, these Labrador retriever crossbreeds offer companionship like no other.
black labradane with dane body and lab face on a hiking trail
Credit: Courtesy of _scoutsadventures / Instagram

Labrador retrievers have long-held the title as America's most popular dog breed, so it's no surprise that the popular dog has also inspired tons of popular Lab mixes! As affectionate and intelligent pets, Labs are the perfect fit for families who can give their pups lots of love and activity. And when you combine these traits with other personalities from popular breeds such as German shepherds, corgis, and huskies, the mixes are sure to melt hearts.

A Bit On Labrador Retriever Mixed Breed Health and Genetics

Before adopting a new puppy, it's important to understand the health and genetics of the breed in order to provide all the loving care you can. When dog breeds mix, traits from both parents present themselves in the breed, creating both adorable physical characteristics and loving personalities as well as various health risks.

Theresa Entriken, DVM, says health risks aren't meant to discourage pet parents from choosing mixes, but it's important to stay alert for as your pet ages. "One condition to be aware of in middle-age and older large breed dogs, especially Labrador retrievers, is geriatric-onset laryngeal paralysis, a degenerative nerve disease that affects a dog's larynx (voice box), esophagus, and limbs," Entriken says. Early signs typically include noisy panting, a raspy bark and tiring easily with exercise, but later signs can include vomiting and muscle weakness.

Before adopting, make sure to research breeders carefully and avoid breeders who aren't putting the puppies' health and safety first. And be sure to consult a veterinarian to learn about the health risks of both parent breeds.

Now, on to these fun-loving mixed dog breeds!

Labradoodle (Lab Poodle Mix)

labradoodle with red and white wavy fur sitting in autumn leaves
white labradoodle with wavy fur and lab bod
Left: Credit: Courtesy of oskerthedoodle / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of helperharvey / Instagram

Possibly one of the most popular mixed dog breeds, Labradoodles are a go-to pick for first-time dog owners. Along with being adorable and easy to train, their curly poodle coat offers minimal shedding for us allergy-suffering dog lovers.

Sheprador (German Shepherd Labrador Retriever Mix)

Black Sheprador
Sheprador with golden lab color
Left: Credit: Courtesy of Kyzersayswoof / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of Themokapup / Instagram

Labs and German shepherds are both incredibly smart dog breeds, so a sheprador is bound to bright! Whether you're looking for a companion to explore the outdoors or a puppy to train, this mix is sure to deliver the fun.

Borador (Border Collie Lab Mix)

borador mix with a lab body and border collie markings sticking his long tongue out
brown lab border collie mix
Left: Credit: Courtesy of de_vier_viervoeters / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of pipthelabcollie / Instagram

A border collie is one of the most trainable dogs in the world, and combined with a Lab's enthusiasm, a borador is always ready to learn new tricks. These intelligent dogs are full of energy and affection, making them the ideal companion for any active owner.

Goldador (Golden Retriever Labrador Retriever Mix)

Black Goldador with Golden Retriever feathered fur
Goldador mix looking more like the labrador
Left: Credit: Courtesy of k9kyle / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of guidedogyogi / Instagram

These retriever cousins look so similar, at first glance you may not even recognize a Goldador as a mix! The caring and active personalities from a Lab and golden retriever makes this crossbreed a perfect fit for anyone looking for a loving, active dog.

Beagador (Beagle Labrador Retriever Mix)

beagle labrador retriever mix with a lab face and beagle coat standing outside at a park
beagle labrador retriever mix with beagle head and lab body lying on a paved driveway
Left: Credit: Courtesy of mowgli020820 / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of itsfoodbyhannah / Instagram

Labs and beagles are both known to be gentle and patient, making their mix a caring pup for young families. Beagles are natural scent hounds and Labs love to have fun outdoors, so this gentle mix will want long walks to sniff every corner they can.

Boxador (Boxer Lab Mix)

black boxador with lab body and boxer snout
boxer lab mix with boxer markings and labrador fur
Left: Credit: Courtesy of jackson_boxador / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of michenelson / Instagram

If you're looking for a dog to get you off the couch and give you a laugh, look no further. Boxers are extremely active and love any opportunity to move their muscular bodies, especially running (just not in the heat!). But they're also known for their goofy and cuddly personalities. Combined with the playful Labrador, a boxador knows how to keep their owners happy and moving.

Corgidor (Corgi and Labrador Retriever Mix)

black corgidor with lab face and corgi body holding orange ball in field of dandelions
corgi and labrador retriever mix near lake
Left: Credit: Courtesy of jackson_the_corgidor / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of islandnette / Instagram

This adorable mix looks like someone took a shrink-ray to a Lab's legs! A corgi Lab mix is bound to be full of affection. However, a corgi body makes it tougher for a corgidor to participate in common Lab activities, such as swimming, so be sure to talk to your vet before attempting strenuous training.

Labsky (Husky Labrador Retriever Mix)

Labsky with Yellow Labrador and Husky face
Labsky with Labrador build and Husky markings
Left: Credit: Courtesy of Sonnyadventurepup / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of Sir_wat.son / Instagram

Labrador retrievers are a sporting breed, so a Lab mixed with an energetic husky makes for a perfect companion for active pet parents. Whether it's hiking or swimming, it's important to keep these sporty pups moving with ample exercise and playtime incorporated in their daily routines.

Aussiedor (Australian Shepherd Labrador Retriever Mix)

luny the aussiedor mix with lab face and aussie coloring
aussiedoor sitting on beach
Left: Credit: Courtesy of luny.aussiedor / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of otis_the_aussiedor / Instagram

The retriever genes in this task-focused breed means an Aussiedor makes a perfect sidekick for hunters and campers alike. But sharp minds aren't all this adorable mix has to offer. With the stunning looks of an Australian shepherd in their genes, these pups know how to make working hard look good.

Rottador (Rottweiler Lab Mix)

cute brown rottador mix with rottweiler markings and a labrador body
rottweiler lab mix with rottweiler markings and labrador body
Left: Credit: Courtesy of bowie_rottador / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of savingshadow / Instagram

Those looking for a smart and social pup are sure to love a Rottador. With the high intelligence of both Rottweiler and Lab parents, this mix thrives when they have a task to complete. Rottador parents will need to stock up on puzzle toys and other enrichment activities to keep their big-brained pups smiling.

Labradane (Great Dane Lab Mix)

yellow labradane with great dane body lab face
black labradane with dane body and lab face on a hiking trail
Left: Credit: Courtesy of cronicsade_asgard / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of _scoutsadventures / Instagram

If you want a little more to love, a Labradane often has the large size of a Great Dane with all the playful traits of a Lab. Both Labradors and Great Danes have an eager-to-please nature, so they respond well to positive reinforcement training, making these gentle giants incredible family pets.