From the goberian and goldador to the golden dox and the goldendoodle, these golden retriever crossbreeds have a lot of good dog traits to share!
Large version of Golden Doodle mix
Credit: Courtesy of goosedoodledood / Instagram

Certain dogs naturally seem to have characteristics desired by pet parents. As one of the most popular dogs in the U.S. for many years, the golden retriever stands out for numerous reasons:

So it's no wonder people are also fans of golden retriever mixes with other breeds, such as German shepherds, Siberian huskies, and Labrador retrievers.

Here's another fun fact: although goldens are one breed, there are three different types. Jo Myers, DVM, of Salida, Colo. is a telehealth practitioner on Vetster. "Even within a single type of golden retriever, there's a huge amount of variation," she says.

This matters a great deal in breeding, because there's never any guarantee that what you might see in a cool picture featuring, say, a German shepherd and golden retriever mix, is an indication of the pup you might get from those parents. Think of it this way: unless you're an identical twin, no one in your family looks or acts just like you. The same is true for golden retriever crossbreed puppies.

A Peek at Golden Retriever Mixed Breed Health and Genetics

According to Patrick Singletary, DVM, who owns Good Dog Veterinary Care in Marietta, Ga., the strongest traits (phenotype) from the parent breeds are transferred to offspring. But weaker traits are also passed along, which could lead to specific health problems in certain breeds.

Myers adds that breed popularity based on a particular look could also have a detrimental effect on a dog's health. "Breeding stock will be selected for the likelihood of producing that look, often at the expense of selecting for health and soundness," she says. "A quick pause from a hectic workday to scratch the ear of a golden patient who's leaning heavily against your leg can be the perfect tonic for any stressed-out veterinary professional. Unfortunately, due to their allergies, ear issues, joint problems, and predisposition to cancer, we see these gentle companions in our hospitals far too often."

So before you fall muzzle over paws in love with one of the golden retriever mixes below, research breeders carefully, and talk with a veterinarian to understand the health factors for both breeds in the mix. This assures you have the best doggo to fit your lifestyle and can enjoy a long, happy time together!

Golden Shepherd (German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix)

fuzzy golden shepherd
black golden
Left: Clever and curious golden shepherds need an active family that can devote lots of time to exercise and mental stimulation. | Credit: Courtesy of Bonnie Upright / Instagram
Right: Golden shepherds love their humans and always want to be by their side (or at their feet!). | Credit: Courtesy of Anastasia_Gryffin / Instagram

Also considered one of the most popular dog breeds in America, a German shepherd paired with a golden retriever is likely to produce one of the most loyal dogs you'll ever have a chance to love. Shepherds have an extra spark of intelligence and as such, respond well to positive reinforcement training and a chance to show you what he can do.

Goberian (Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky Mix)

White Goberian with one blue Husky and and one Golden eye
Goldberian mix looking more like a Husky
Left: Credit: Courtesy of thegreatgoldsky.and.thepittie / Instagram
Right: Don't be surprised when your goberian puppy grows, and grows ... and grows. This mixed breed can weigh up to 90 pounds when full-grown! | Credit: Courtesy of halfhuskybros / Instagram

Like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get with a golden retriever husky mix! Eyes, coat color, even the tail (fluffy-curled or fluffy-fanned?)—a lot of surprises await! But both breeds promise a lot of chatter, bonding, playful antics, and 'velcro dog' qualities from one of their pups (oh, and shedding!).

Goldador (Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever Mix)

Black Goldador with Golden Retriever feathered fur
Goldador mix looking more like the labrador
Left: Goldadors are active pups who need at least an hour of exercise and play each day. | Credit: Courtesy of k9kyle / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of guidedogyogi / Instagram

The American Kennel Club (AKC) ranked the Lab as the top dog in the U.S. for 30 years now, and these retriever cousins share many of the same characteristics pet parents love: attentive, caring, and active family members who want to see, go, and do whatever! Labs are also naturals in the water, so don't be surprised if your Goldador is, too.

Golden Corgi (Golden Retriever and Corgi Mix)

Golden Corgi looking more Corgi
Golden Corgi looking more Golden
Left: Credit: sarahnicolexx92 / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of princess_penny_the_goldencorgi / Instagram

Okay, so while there's no promise of the infamous peach bum, a golden retriever mixed with a Pembroke Welsh corgi or a Cardigan Welsh corgi is bound to result in a frisky, inquisitive, and loving pooch. Expect to have a super-smart pup who not only entertains, but also expects oodles of opportunities to learn new things.

Golden Aussie (Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix)

Golden Aussie with Aussie coloring and boxy muzzle
Golden Aussie with Aussie coloring and pointed muzzle
Left: Credit: Courtesy of pinchofpepper / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of murphandmogs / Instagram

Sometimes goldens have 'laze on the porch' personalities—that will likely not be the case with an Australian shepherd as a mom or dad! With 'herd' literally in their name, Aussies know there's a job to do and are waiting for you to flip on the green light. Active people who love to explore outdoors might appreciate this pup by their side.

Golden Cocker Retriever (Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel Mix)

Golden Cocker with more Cocker Spaniel
Golden Cocker with more Golden
Left: Credit: Courtesy of itsthebuddhabear / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of bubu.cocker.retriever / Instagram

A sweet golden retriever paired with a sensitive cocker spaniel might produce a most adorable pup (as would an English cocker spaniel!) Cockers are quite a historic breed with a sporting background, so depending on the size and choice of cocker parent, you might have a floppy-eared snuggler or, well, a floppy-eared snuggler who loves to be outside!

Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever and Poodle Mix)

Golden Cocker with more Golden but short
Large Golden Doodle
Left: Credit: Courtesy of just_blaze_jc / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of goosedoodledood / Instagram

The goldendoodle was one of the first crossbreeds to really hit the big time. She blends many attractive qualities of a golden and any size of poodle, including the possibility of being more hypoallergenic, a terrific, good-natured family companion, and plenty of smarts. One thing for sure: there will be vast variances in fur and color!

Golden Dox (Golden Retriever and Dachshund Mix)

Short Golden Dox mix
Golden Dox mix with more Dachshund
Left: Credit: Courtesy of nuggetnniffy / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of thegoldenlexie / Instagram

Golden doxies, a cross between a golden retriever and dachshund, just ooze cuteness! Mix traits might include talkativeness and energetic fun. There's also the chance for inherited feistiness from the dachshund side (they were once badger hunters, after all!) so investing time and energy in training starting at a young age is a great idea to make sure she's living her best life.

Golden Mountain Dog (Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog Mix)

Black and white Golden Mountain Dog with feathered fur
Golden Mountain dog with gold colored fure
Left: Credit: Courtesy of Raven + Maybel / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of Maisy & Toulouse / Instagram

Goldens and Bernese mountain dogs are so sweet, and each has the most friendly doggie smiles, you'll be hard-pressed to know who passed down that tongue-lagging grin! A Berner usually offers a little more oomph in the task department, though, but is easy to train, so if your doggo demonstrates a desire to do and go, make it happen!

Golden Pyrenees (Golden Retriever and Great Pyrenees Mix)

White Golden Pyrenees twins
White Golden Pyrenees with gold marks
Left: Credit: Courtesy of Boomer & Mini Mac / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of riley.goldenpyr / Instagram

One characteristic often shared by the golden retriever and Great Pyrenees is a true love of family. While a Great Pyrenees can handle a little alone time now and then, by nature she's a devoted keeper of people and other creatures who need her. Both parents have gorgeous coats—but offspring will shed a lot, so stock up on handy grooming supplies.