Dogs with occasional shedding and that love water

Want to know more about dogs with occasional shedding and that love water? See all the dogs that fit this criteria and learn more about what it's like to have these dogs as pets.

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  • breed group: sporting
  • breed size: medium (26-60 lbs.)
  • other traits: easy to train, requires lots of grooming, prone to health issues, high prey drive, high potential for weight gain, loves water, apartment-friendly, cold weather tolerant, strong loyalty tendencies
  • colors: black, brown / chocolate / liver
  • patterns: bicolor, tricolor, black and tan
  • coat length/texture: long, medium
  • temperament: gentle, friendly, playful
Cocker spaniels are lively, sweet-natured, and beautiful, just the right size for many homes. A great option for families, cocker spaniels are highly trainable and affectionate. Read on to learn more about living with this beloved breed.
  • breed group: hound
  • breed size: medium (26-60 lbs.)
  • other traits: good hiking companion, strong loyalty tendencies, loves water, easy to groom, high prey drive
  • colors: red
  • coat length/texture: short
  • temperament: gentle, friendly, outgoing, playful
A handsome, affectionate companion and an exceptional hunting partner, the sweet, gentle—and talkative!—redbone coonhound is a wonderful breed for a person or family who loves the great outdoors.