Dogs that are non-sporting and with occasional shedding

Want to know more about dogs that are non-sporting and with occasional shedding? See all the dogs that fit this criteria and learn more about what it's like to have these dogs as pets.

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  • breed group: non-sporting
  • breed size: small (0-25 lbs.)
  • other traits: hypoallergenic, requires lots of grooming, tolerates being alone, highly territorial, apartment-friendly, cold weather tolerant, strong loyalty tendencies
  • colors: brown / chocolate / liver, red, gold / yellow, cream, black, blue, gray, white
  • patterns: sable, brindle, black and tan
  • coat length/texture: long
  • temperament: friendly, willful, aloof
Lhasa apsos are small, confident dogs filled with personality who make excellent watch dogs and smart, loyal companions.