Dalmadoodles, Labmatians, and other "Dal" crossbreeds might not always have the spots, but you can always count on the love!
White Dalmatian Pointer mix with black spots sniffing in his backyard
Credit: nelladel / Shutterstock

No need to adjust your eyes—you're totally seeing spots! And they're all over the sweet-natured and über-smart Dalmatian (affectionately called Dals). This European native has worked as a carriage dog, a circus performer, and a firefighter's friend, but all they really want is to be your family's best four-legged pal. Which is why Dalmatian mixes, although less common than other mixed dog breeds, make waves among pet lovers. Here are some of our favorite Dalmatian mixes that could be a perfect fit for your home.

Pitmatian (Dalmatian and Pit Bull Mix)

Black and white spotted Pitmation (Pitbull Dalmation mix) in his backyard
Black and white Pitmation (Pitbull Dalmation mix) with some spots standing on his deck
Left: Credit: Courtesy of i_spot_a_bandit / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of zimba_and_azula / Instagram

All dogs thrive with perfect attendance in puppy kindergarten and continued positive reinforcement training, and this is true of the American pit bull terrier, too! Even better, both "pitties" and "Dals" are total love bugs by nature. Likes: long walks, treats after training, snuggles. Dislikes: Being left alone without their humans—so much so, your pitmatian might develop separation anxiety. Arrange the daily schedule for plenty of quality canine time.

Dalmadoodle (Dalmatian and Poodle Mix)

Black and white Dalmadoodle (Dalmatian Poodle mix) with spots and wavy fur laying on a blanket
Black and white Dalmadoodle (Dalmatian Poodle mix) with spots sitting indoors on a leather couch
Left: Credit: Courtesy of buffythedalmadoodle / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of littleplaidpiperandpaisley / Instagram

There's so much fluff here, we can hardly stand it! Most breeders use a standard poodle mom or dad to pair with a Dalmatian, so your Dalmadoodle will likely be a kind-hearted, athletic, and gregarious pooch who's possibly more hypoallergenic than other dogs (although there's never a guarantee). They're also super companions for families with children, other dogs, and even cats!

Labmatian or Dalmador (Dalmatian and Labrador Mix)

brown and white Labmatian (Lab and Dalmatian mix) with spots sits on a couch with a blanket
White Labmatian (Lab and Dalmatian mix) laying on a cushion in a boat
Left: Credit: Courtesy of wingman.maverick / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of toney_the_dalmador / Instagram

Healthy, bright, and friendly Labrador retrievers are popular crossbreed parents. In fact, the first deliberate hybrid was created in 1989 with a Lab and poodle, producing the ever-lovable Labradoodle. A high-ranking loyal dog breed, Labs are also consistently the most popular dog in the U.S. You'll likely be smitten with the offspring of a Lab and Dalmatian because of their unwavering devotion and puppy-like joy to do just about anything with you. 

Bodacion (Border Collie and Dalmatian Mix)

Two brown and white Bodacion (Border Collie Dalmatian mix) with spots sitting on a couch
Credit: Courtesy of adventures_of_ralphandrosie / Instagram

Border collies are famous for their intelligence, their trick mastery, and their exceptional herding skills. So if you have your eye on this type of Dalmatian mix, keep your wits about you! Although not officially classified as "working" dogs, Dals definitely come out of their shy, spotted shells through the benefits of early socialization, which means your bodacion might be a zippy goofball with enough extra energy to share with you, the neighbors, and everyone else on the street.

Dobermatian (Doberman and Dalmatian Mix)

Brown with white Dobermatian (Doberman Dalmatian mix) headshot
Credit: Courtesy of wizards_are_never_late / Instagram

Speaking of whip-smart doggos, it would be remiss of us to not hoist the Doberman pinscher atop that pedestal. They rely on you to provide daily mental and physical enrichment, and in return will smother you with affection. Your Dobermatian is eager for clicker training or learning to ask for treats and walkies by talking with buttons—practically anything that allows him to put his bodacious brain to work, stay active, and have plenty of cozy time with you.

Boxmatian (Boxer and Dalmatian Mix)

Black and white Boxmatian (Boxer Dalmatian mix) headshot
White Boxmatian (Boxer Dalmatian mix) sitting in the grass
Left: Credit: Courtesy of healdjoshua / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of ollie.roo.lola / Instagram

While there's no guarantee this pooch will inherit the stockiness of her boxer parent, prepare yourself for a lap dog all the same! Expect two parts fondness blended with two parts "Velcro-dog" attentiveness, as both the boxer and Dalmatian adore their hoomans! (See this boxer wiggle? If that's not love, we don't know what is). Yes, train with treats so your boxmatian will do all the good dog things, but mostly, just snuggle with them and take lots of long walks. A tall order, we know.

Australian Shepherd and Dalmatian Mix

Black and white Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix with spots standing in the backyard
Black and white Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix standing on cat statue
Left: Credit: Courtesy of clovis.pepito / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of our.dog.jimmy / Instagram

If you're an active person who wants a canine buddy, how 'bout a dog who can match you paw-for-paw in just about any activity: agility, flyball, maybe even some dock-diving? Dalmatian mixes with Australian shepherd and Dal co-parent abilities will astound you, so make every minute count by tapping their ancestral sharp intellect and keep these work-oriented doggos busy—well, until it's time to cuddle and chill! 

Dalmatian and Pointer Mix

White Dalmatian Pointer mix with black spots sniffing in his backyard
Credit: nelladel / Shutterstock

Pointers, who you might know as English pointers, are exceptional high-energy hunting companions who could almost rival a Dalmatian in the number of spots on their coats. They also have a nose that knows, so scent training is the perfect sport for their offspring. Always eager to spend time with her family, this cutie excels at learning the training basics and beyond. Oh! And raid a stockpile of interactive toys each day so she always has a task to enjoy. 

Dalmatian and Rottweiler Mix

Black Dalmatian Rottweiler Mix laying on the lawn
Credit: EuniceXY / Shutterstock

With such a handsome mug, it's no wonder people fawn over a Rottweiler. These hard-working, dedicated dogs have put their tough paws to use pulling butchers' wagons, serving as messengers during World War I and World War II, and helping search and rescue teams during 9/11 recovery. Combined with a Dalmatian's impressive resume, this clever pup might be perfect for experienced dog owners who have livestock to tend and other chores that require a trusty four-legged companion.

Vizsla and Dalmatian Mix

Brown Vizsla Dalmatian Mix standing on fallen tree
Credit: macgyverhh / Shutterstock

Here's another Dalmatian mix who flourishes with regular training because of a double-dose of brilliance. A Vizsla's amazing speed—up to 40 mph!—and extraordinary ability to fulfill any assignment means their offspring will shine while engaging in nose work, running, hiking, and other outdoor sports. Don't let them get bored is all we're sayin'. As high-octane as both parents can be, there's a true gentle side, too, with strong attachment to their people. Once properly socialized, they're not only adorable family members but can also train as therapy dogs.

Research Dalmatian Mixes Carefully Before Committing 

Take at least a couple of months to vet where these pups come from and how they were raised. A responsible, successful breeding program is implemented over many years, says Patrick Singletary, DVM, owner of Good Dog Veterinary Care in Marietta, Ga.

"There's a lot of time, knowledge, and passion that goes into creating and maintaining a successful breeding operation. With that said, there are some awfully inflated prices for hybrid dogs," he says. "I feel a responsible breeder should charge accordingly for their efforts, and they should also be passionate about finding the right homes for their beloved puppies."

According to the Better Business Bureau, online scams bilked prospective pet parents out of nearly $1,000 per transaction in 2021. Follow Singletary's recommendations for how to find legitimate and dedicated Dalmatian mix breeders to avoid puppy mills and disreputable operations: 

  • The breeder should be willing to have you at their home or facility. Don't send money until you've had a chance to see the pups in person.
  • If they're not willing to entertain pointed questions about their lines of dogs, they may be trying to hide something.
  • Verify puppy photos on a breeder's website by doing a reverse image search online. Disreputable breeders often use stock dog images.
  • The breeder should also ask questions about your lifestyle, interest in this particular crossbreed, and other factors to ensure all pups go to loving homes. 

Also, be certain to inquire about known medical issues for both parent breeds of your Dalmatian mix. For example, although Dalmatians are generally healthy dogs who live up to 13 years, 15–30 percent of them have hearing loss in one ear, and 5 percent are deaf in both ears. A veterinarian and a breeder can explain crossbreed genetics to determine the likelihood of this occurrence and what other health conditions might be common for the parents' breeds.