10 Australian Shepherd Mixes Eager for Both Work and Play (OK... a Lot of Play!)

They're smart AND they're good-looking. A perfect combo, if you ask us!

An Australian shepherd offers a triple dose of wow: inquisitive minds, natural athleticism, and stunning good looks. Pet parents with 'Aussies,' as they're affectionately called, are frequently in awe over their capabilities, as these zestful doggos excel at practically everything.

This is why Australian shepherd mixes are often desired by many people, as they have a lot to offer:

  • High levels of intelligence and strategic thinking mean they thrive with consistent positive reinforcement training.
  • Exuberant energy and a willingness to try new experiences as long as their active pet parents are right beside them.
  • Bountiful curiosity and a strong work ethic that just beg for daily diverse enrichment activities.

Keep in mind that not every Australian shepherd mixed dog is exactly the same, so before your heart goes pitty-pat over a certain look, take time to investigate breeders.

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Research Breeders Carefully for Australian Shepherd Mix Breed Dogs

Patrick Singletary, DVM, owns Good Dog Veterinary Care in Marietta, Ga. He says the first hybrid dog breed was created in 1989. "The purpose of this breeding was to take the disposition of a Labrador and mix it with the hypoallergenic nature of a poodle to prevent allergy flare ups for a woman who needed the assistance of a guide dog," he says. You know the breed now as the wildly popular Labradoodle.

But with high demand comes great concern. "Dog breeding has passed down 'bad' genes and traits, because breeders have overbred certain lines ... to obtain better traits for certain goals and desires," Singletary says. This means troublesome areas might be overlooked, and lead to health issues for your new pup.

You should research mixed dog breeders for at least a few months to be sure they're not part of a backyard breeder operation or puppy mill. Also, consult a veterinarian to understand the health issues for both pup parents. For example, although Australian shepherds usually have a lifespan of 12–15 years, they also have some heritable diseases, such as eye problems and lymphoma, and often develop hip dysplasia.

After all, you want to enjoy any one of these adorable Aussie mixes for a long time!

Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix)

Similar to the Labradoodle, an Aussiedoodle might present less reactive traits for people with allergies—although there still could be some shedding twice a year. This cuddly, affectionate, and devoted Australian shepherd mix offers a lot of get up and go and oodles of family love, but both parents are super smart, so be prepared for regular training and playtime to ensure she's living her best life.

Ausky (Australian Shepherd Husky Mix)

If you don't want any Ausky talkback, cover your ears. The woofs, huffs, whimpers, and howls of the witty Siberian husky are just a few ways he'll get his point across. But even though he's a talkative pup, runners and hikers will appreciate the tremendous energy this trail companion provides. Here's another pup who benefits from daily mental stimulation—like teaching him to talk with buttons!

Aussiedor (Australian Shepherd Labrador Retriever Mix)

Task-oriented dogs such as Labs and Aussies can be your best buddies in the wilderness. Retriever genes might provide hunters a faithful Aussiedor with sharp field skills, and camping is the perfect activity for this ruff-and-ready Aussie mix. He might even help set up the tent! An Australian shepherd Lab mix responds well to cues and has a terrific sense of adventure.

German Australian Shepherd (German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd Mix)

You're already familiar with the exceptional skills German shepherds have as search and rescue dogs and K-9 officers. A German Australian shepherd mix contributes intense focus and keen intelligence to careers like these, too. He'll also display one-on-one loyalty with his favorite human that's hard to beat—a canine partner who will value your life as much as you do his.

Border Aussie (Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix)

The combination of these two brilliant herding breeds means this dog might be able to direct traffic, do your taxes, and bake a soufflé at the same time! Border collies exceed an Aussie's work ethic by a factor of five, so an experienced dog owner is the perfect pet parent for this attentive, high-energy, and loyal mix, especially in intelligence work.

Texas Heeler (Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix)

A Texas heeler is a crossbreed of an Australian shepherd and an Australian cattle dog (who's sometimes called a blue heeler). Lightning fast and never lazy, this attractive offspring of two exceptional herding dogs shines with consistent training. Because they're such good problem solvers, stock up on puzzle games, otherwise they'll probably disassemble your laptop.

Auggie (Corgi and Australian Shepherd Mix)

Paired with another dynamic duo herding lineage, the Auggie will round up every creature, pooch or human, at the dog park! Whether your doggo has a Pembroke Welsh corgi or a Cardigan Welsh corgi parent, expect hilarious antics, high-energy sass, sparky personalities, and more than a few nuzzly couch snuggles with a corgi Aussie mix.

Australian Retriever (Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix)

This crossbreed, featuring a Golden retriever parent, will likely be in a kaleidoscope of coat colors and textures. Why? First, there are actually three types of golden retrievers. Second, an Aussie's myriad merle patterns often look like a Jackson Pollock painting anyway. One thing is certain: you'll have a tender-hearted, vibrant pooch yearning for attention and numerous activities.

Aussie Beagle or Sheagle (Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix)

Well, well, well, who's this little cutie-pie? Often the hybrid of a miniature Australian shepherd and a beagle, a sheagle is a delightful playmate, scampering after all family members big and small. Tap into her herding-hound instincts with specific mind training pursuits and many bits of fun, like this easy DIY snuffle mat.

Shepnees (Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix)

Who's the pretty girl? Obviously the shepnees! Blowing up Instagram with dashing good looks, the Great Pyrenees is truly a kind and gentle big dog, so it's quite possible that disposition (and size!) might be inherited by this Australian shepherd mix. Imagine, the energy and intelligence of an Aussie melding with such a floofy sweetheart wanting only to love us? We'll take one of every shade, please!

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