The Inside Scoop on Weird Dog Behaviors: Zoomies, Reverse Sneezes, and Butt Scooching

Does your dog get the zoomies, reverse sneeze, or butt scoot? Here’s a deep dive on why your pet might be doing these things.

Ever wonder what's going on in your dog's brain when he does something totally weird? Board certified veterinary surgeon Courtney Campbell, DVM, offers up some sound advice for why dogs do these common weird dog behaviors: the zoomies and those terrible-sounding reverse sneezes (and when it's time to call the vet). Another weird dog behavior—the dreaded butt scoot—is one that every pet parent is familiar with. (And one that requires a quick call to your vet.) Here's the deal:

The zoomies—that sudden burst of energy where your pup runs around in circles with a crazed look on their face—are totally normal for dogs to do. Campbell says they're often compared to a runner's high: basically, dogs just feel really good when they're having an explosive spurt of exercise!

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While it may sound alarming when your pup starts that characteristic honk-snort known as a reverse sneeze, Campbell says this is a natural behavior as well. These backward sneezes can be caused by allergies, dust, or even something as simple as drinking water too fast.

But when it comes to butt scooching, you want to consult your vet ASAP. If your furry friend begins to drag their hind end on the carpet or the grass, it's a sign they may actually be in pain. Dogs who scooch their bottoms on the ground can be a sign of parasites, allergies, or clogged anal sac glands—all of which require attention from your vet.

Have questions about your dog's weird behavior? Give your vet a call—they'll be happy to help you figure out what's going on!

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