Common Canine Behaviors

Do you wonder why Fido chews up all your precious shoes or digs up the flower bed you so carefully planted in the backyard? Or why Daisy pulls on her leash when you take her for a walk? Get your questions answered about common dog behaviors and what they mean from the pet experts.

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Ouch, that Hurts! How to Nip Puppy Biting in the Bud

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Dog Zoomies: What Are They, and Why Do They Happen?

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Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

As gross as it may seem, it's a pretty common canine behavior. Here’s what to know about why your dog eats poop, whether you should worry about that, and what you can do to prevent your dog from eating feces in the future.

What Your Dog's Body Language Is Trying to Tell You

They may not be able to speak, but dogs can communicate what they're thinking and feeling through body language. Learn how to pick up on their cues to enrich your relationship and keep both you and your pet safe.

More Common Canine Behaviors

How to Ground a Jumping Dog

Sometimes a dog's jumping is just a case of a friendly pup looking for attention. But for safety's sake, grab the treats and learn how to teach your dog to keep four paws on the floor.

Why Do Dogs & Cats Yawn? 6 Reasons Why (Beyond Being Sleepy)

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This Is Why Your Dog Always Wants to Eat Grass

Here’s what to know about why your dog eats grass, whether or not it’s safe, and what you can do to change his behavior.