Cat General Nutrition

Just like their humans, cats need a well-balanced, healthy diet. Discover your go-to source for advice on general nutrition to help you know how to nourish your cat or kitten with the foods they need to develop properly.

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Can Cats Eat Dog Food? Know What’s Safe & What’s Not

Can cats eat dog food? Cats aren’t dogs, and their nutritional needs are different, too. So while a bite of dog food is generally considered to be safe for cats, it can’t give your feline friend all of the nutrients she needs.

How Much Should I Really Feed My Cat?

Mealtime is important for all animals (humans included!) But knowing how much to feed your cat means considering several factors, including age, activity levels, and the nutrients they need.

How Long Can Cats Go Without Food?

Your cat’s diet plays an important role in her health. But if you notice your feline has halted her feedings, how long should you let her go without food? Find out what to do if your kitty stops eating.

Are Cats Lactose Intolerant? The Reason Why Milk & Kitties Don’t Mix

 You may have always believed cats love to lap up milk. But in fact cats are lactose intolerant. Help enhance your cat’s nutrition by learning more about why milk is not the best option for feline feasts.

Just How Often Should I Really Be Feeding My Cat?

Should your cat be on a feeding schedule or be allowed to graze all day? See how often you should feed your kitty as she grows and her nutritional needs change.

What to Do if Your Cat’s Not Eating & How to Get Her Appetite Back

Meal time is important, so it can be worrisome if your cat stops eating. Here’s what to do if your cat suddenly stops eating, from trying to find out why to when to call the vet.